Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Intimate....

and elegant...and making me giddy with excitement!!!

My client said ok to painting her dining room walls a dark navy blue!!!!

 At first, she was scared speechless and looked horrified......and then I held up a large sample of the color......her husband was immediately sold.....and then she let the idea sink in...and now....I have the go ahead!! It is going to be so extremely elegant! I can hardly stand it!!

This is a little pic of the space, pre-furniture, and decorated by the babies.....it appears as though that baby knows what she wants!...

...of course I am in love with all the white molding!!

Here is the furniture we selected...

these chairs are extremely comfy!!

When it comes to selecting dining chairs, the first thing for me is comfort, and then I will consider it's appearance. Nothing is more annoying than uncomfortable chairs while you are trying to enjoy good food and good company.  So, I say, shop for dining chairs with a blind fold on. 

These chairs are from Carson's furniture gallery, and they have earned the KD stamp of comfort approval!

My other plans for the space....


a wide assortment that appears collected over time.

And a new chandelier that is a little more their style is in order...

....while a new chandelier isn't necessary at the moment, it will be the crown atop the table when the time comes for a more refined elegant piece.

I will have updated pics in a few weeks! I can hardly wait!!

Happy Tuesday my fabulous friends!


  1. Love your vision for the room. The table and chairs are going to look beautiful with the dark wall color.

  2. Ms. Kelle Dame! Guess what? You won the giveaway -- you weren't too late. So, want to send me an email with your address at vintique object {at} blogspot {dot} com?

    By the way, I love what you've picked out for this room. Will you tell us the color navy you chose? I hear Hale Navy is a good one. Really looking forward to seeing the finished space. This is going to be a good one.


  3. We are looking at this same dining set. I'm curious where you got them? THANKS!!!

    1. This dining set is from Carson's Furniture Gallery.


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