Thursday, May 31, 2012

All The Pieces

Sometimes, it takes awhile for all of the pieces of my design puzzles to all come together....but it is always worth the wait!! 

For this "Hale Navy" project, there are four classic x-back chairs for the breakfast area.....

......they were the color of maple, which is a wood tone that does NOT work with my client's new home, so we decided to paint them! A completely reasonable solution that costs about half as much as replacing a whole set. My friend Tori, over at Embellished Heart, has done a beautiful job transforming these chairs. In their maple-y past, the architectural detail in these chairs was nearly invisible, but now, the details are highlighted by the slight distress. What a difference a little color and some light sanding can make!!

Here is what they looked like before...

I have also been working on some custom silhouettes of the cute little girls of the family!!

They will each receive the addition of a hair bow or brooch just for fun!

Completely classic and timeless frames from ArtWorks that both compliment the woodwork throughout the house and add a sense of long standing tradition. 

These are special pieces that we can update each year as the girls grow. Another reason that I absolutely love what I do!! 

OH!! and I must not forget about the other little girl in the family.....

Miss Sage!! 

I absolutely CANNOT wait to see all these pieces framed and hung on the freshly painted walls! 

Sometimes, all the excitement makes it seem like it is taking forever!!

More to come later! I hope you are all having a fabulous week!!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Intimate....

and elegant...and making me giddy with excitement!!!

My client said ok to painting her dining room walls a dark navy blue!!!!

 At first, she was scared speechless and looked horrified......and then I held up a large sample of the color......her husband was immediately sold.....and then she let the idea sink in...and now....I have the go ahead!! It is going to be so extremely elegant! I can hardly stand it!!

This is a little pic of the space, pre-furniture, and decorated by the appears as though that baby knows what she wants!...

...of course I am in love with all the white molding!!

Here is the furniture we selected...

these chairs are extremely comfy!!

When it comes to selecting dining chairs, the first thing for me is comfort, and then I will consider it's appearance. Nothing is more annoying than uncomfortable chairs while you are trying to enjoy good food and good company.  So, I say, shop for dining chairs with a blind fold on. 

These chairs are from Carson's furniture gallery, and they have earned the KD stamp of comfort approval!

My other plans for the space....


a wide assortment that appears collected over time.

And a new chandelier that is a little more their style is in order...

....while a new chandelier isn't necessary at the moment, it will be the crown atop the table when the time comes for a more refined elegant piece.

I will have updated pics in a few weeks! I can hardly wait!!

Happy Tuesday my fabulous friends!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hale Navy

Navy Blue is quite contagious lately.
 I can't say that I mind. It is fresh, classic, and can be fancy or casual.

A perfect example from Sarah Richardson.....

This is a client's beautiful family room that will be receiving a hint of Hale Navy!!

Here is our palette!!

I am also planning a little art project to create some custom artwork for my client..... is the inspiration...

I can't wait to share more!

Have you noticed the explosion of blue lately? 

I hope you are all having a delightful week and enjoying this much anticipated beautiful weather!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Old Soul In Me...

If our interiors reflect who we are, and I truly believe they do, then it would be a shame not to indulge the old soul that is a part of me....she is 90 and her name is Margie. She's a crazy old bird with great taste and a shoe string budget. 

This is a taste of Margie's living room....

The vine lamp is finally finished!!

Remember, about three years ago, that twisty vine was in my back yard, wrapped around an old metal swing set. It wasn't pretty, and was a whole lot of dead, but we saved the vine and gave it a brand new life as a lamp! My hubs welded up a metal base and ran some wires through a pipe and voila! We have a beautifully twisty lamp that cost under $80!!

This lamp shade is from a local store that has been around longer than Margie, LeEsthers, in downtown Kenosha. They can also take anything and turn it into a light fixture. They can, and have, done it all!

Another new addition is this lovely little floral painting...I stole it from my frame dude at ArtWorks....

I said "Hey. I'm stealing this. Deal with it" That's how small business people roll.

....and a fun pillow from Embellished Heart.....

I only temporarily stole this pillow, now that I know Margie loves it, I will own it the legal way.

Now that I have fulfilled my inner Margie, I need to fulfill my sassy side....

...and my classic, but fresh, side....that LOVES pink!!

....I just wouldn't be able to help it!

More to come later!! I can't wait to add some more pink and a couple new little pieces of furniture!!

I hope you are all having a fabulous week! Can't wait to see what you have all been up to!!