Monday, April 16, 2012

A Little Sneak Peek!!

Our living room is coming along and I had to share a little peek!!

Have I mentioned how much I love this sofa?? It is even better than I imagined! It's more comfy than my bed....and that could be a problem. I actually stole these throw pillows from Bailey's room, so these are not the "official" pillows, but they are close to what I am planning. You get the idea, right?

My favorite thing to do on the new sofa is to curl up with my iPad and watch my favorite shows or check out all of your fabulous and inspiring blogs!!

I have added some necessary touches of pink!

I just wish that the ranunculus would live forever!

I must give a shout out to my awesome hubs, who has been extremely supportive of my love for pink. I mean, how many guys do you know that would be ok with having pink in their house?!?! Not many, right?
 I think the fact that he is VERY color blind might have something to do with it.
BUT I did recently ask him if painting a wall pink would be going too far, and he said it definitely would be. I think he drew the line after seeing the pink pillows and the pink flowers, and the pink iPad cover, and, well, the list goes on. I can't say that I blame him :)

There is more coming soon!! I can hardly wait to get some things finished and posted!! I went to a great estate sale this week and I have some loot to share! Don't you just love estate sales?!?!

Happy Monday!!


  1. ESTATE SALES MAKE MY HEART SING!!! I'm happy I can finally comment at work again... however, I can't see the photos. OOPS. I'll check on it again later! I can't wait to see what you've written about!

  2. Oh my heck! How gorgeous!! Love your new sofa too!

  3. Now that I see the photos, EVEN GREATER THAN I IMAGINED!!!! I love that couch!!!!!!

    Love, JB

  4. Gorgeous! Love how the colour softens the room. Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  5. Hi Kelly! Found you randomly via Pinterest, but love your style! I'm your newest follower! Stop by and say hi!


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