Monday, April 2, 2012

Inspired by....

Bailey's mess! 

I was picking up Bailey's room at last night and all of a sudden I wanted to do a room design based on the mess that was one the floor! It was such a fabulous mess. I don't get to say that very often!

Here is a more organized reenactment of the inspiration that laid all over Bailey's floor.....

 (clothes and shoes from Old from J.Crew)

If I could have, I would have immediately started decorating a room based on these colors and midnight!! Does that happen to you? It's ridiculous! And then I can't sleep because I start dreaming up ideas for this "room" that doesn't even exist. My husband just shakes his head. 

I need this room to exist!

Can you see a sweet little dresser painted in a bright coral or teal?? And a little chair painted yellow?? AND pillows with coral bows and vintage floral drapes??

And some flower-y coral pillows....a polka dotted duvet and striped sheets??

It would be such a happy place to be! 

I  guess I can't be a mess hater anymore.

Anyone? Let's make this happen somewhere!!

Hope you're having a happy Monday!


  1. I totally get it - it will be beautiful!

  2. I think you need a little girl client. I can totally see this for a young miss or teenager. Inspiration is everywhere!!

  3. Bailey clearly has her mother's talent. She's exhibiting it in her play! Do love these colors together -- especially that coral!


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