Monday, April 23, 2012

Estate Sale Finds

As promised here are my recent estate sale finds!

Two lovely little silhouettes!!

A fabulous oval frame!! My framer LOVES cutting oval glass!! Or not. Maybe I will give the dude a break and do something creative with the frame and save him the trouble....we shall see...

A pressed aluminum tray with these lovely handles....

There were soooooo many things I wanted!!!! Alas, cash = reality :(

AND I am FAH-REAKING OUTover Tricia Guild's book, Colors, Patterns, and Space...

It is theeee most inspiring design book I have EVER laid my eyes upon!! I completely admire her daring sense of style and roaring passion for color and pattern. I mean, not every designer has the guts to just throw mismatched drapery panels, mismatched lamp shades, and several different styles into one space! But, Tricia, she don't cur. She just does what she wants. She is woman. Hear her roar!!

I hereby pronounce Ms. Guild my design hero!! Errrrr, I mean heroine!! And actually "heroine" is more appropriate because this book IS MY heroin. I think it may even be better than heroin....I wouldn't know.... I'm just say'in. The only difference is that I didn't have to steal and/or murder anyone in order to get this book.

Anywho, this summer, I seriously encourage you to emerse yourself into the fun worlds of estate sales and Tricia Guild. You can't really go wrong....unless you do find yourself needing real heroin. In that case, I had nothing to do with it!!!

Happy Monday!!!


  1. Great finds, Kelle! Love the tray! It looks so nice with your beautiful pink flowers.

  2. Love it all! I love the tray and the flowers. I could sink right into your couch and read that book too.


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