Monday, March 26, 2012


I am waiting for a few crucial pieces for my living room project and it's driving me CRAZY!!!! 

 I don't know about you, but I am NOT good at the whole waiting thing. Ask my husband. Or anyone else who knows me. They will agree. I can't help it. I was born this way! I just get excited and it feels like I am waiting an eternity!

My vine lamp...

....which I can't show you yet, has been waiting for it's shade for 4 weeks now! It could be shade-less for 3 more weeks! I had to order a custom shade because it requires odd dimensions and I THOUGHT it would only take 2 weeks to come in.....not the case. So I wait. Impatiently. 

Sometimes, I nearly make rash decisions in order to avoid waiting. For example, I almost purchased a sofa recently that I was not completely in love with just so that I could have a sofa right away. See what I mean? Foolish. 

 You see, this one...... the Carlisle sofa from Pottery Barn and I LOVE it!!!! It's as comfy as a cloud and has perfectly elegant lines!! I have been drooling over this sofa for months, and I recently drove over two hours just to go sit on it for awhile! BUT because I'm horrible at waiting, I almost settled for something more like this...... 

 .....just because I could have it right away. That's just crazy. Now, I realize that having this particular sofa would hardly be "settling", because this is also a great sofa, but once I laid eyes on the rolled and pleated arms of the Carlisle ....well, you get it. Right?

 Thank goodness I have a better half who keeps an eye on me!


I've been waiting for a new slip cover to be made for the sassy birdie chair.... see, I love this vintage fabric but it just wasn't cut out for my three year old.  I will miss the sassy bird, but she might come out and play in the room in some other way. Thankfully, the slip cover is going to be ready very soon! One less thing to wait for.

Another item I'm waiting on is the fabric to make my own version of these....

Another order that will take a couple weeks! 

I'm also waiting for my favorite florist to receive some of my favorite flowers.... pretty it's ranunculus!

I've decided that waiting for things is also bad for my health. This is why: If I'm unable to spend my spare time working on pulling together my own projects around the house, then I create new projects for myself, like becoming the best cheesecake maker ever. Sounds like a project that will make waiting less painful right? Wrong.

It will just make me eat way too much cheesecake!

Do you think that maybe my front living room project is really a good lesson in patience? 
Unfortunately, I think so. Please tell me there is an app for that!!


  1. I hear you girl. I'm the world's most impatient person (well maybe second) and I have brought home things I didn't love for exactly the same reason. I am also trying really hard to learn to be patient and then you will have the things you love. Hard but console yourself with cheesecake. You deserve it:)

  2. Thank goodness for our husbands. I have almost walked away with something I didn't love because I was impatient too. Lucky for me my husband was there to set me straight! haha! I can't wait for your florist to get the flowers in so I can see the pics on your blog. Oh goodness you've gone and made me impatient too! haha!

  3. Sofa angst! I had the perfect sofa and loveseat for 25 years. I should have had them recovered! I did not know how imperfect some of my choices since then could be...Even now, I am long can I wait till I get the next new sofa to replace my last too swiftly chosen piece???


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