Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Just Playing Around

One of my favorite things to do is creating inspiration boards....

If you love a pair of shoes why not incorporate the pattern or color into your room? 

This inspiration board is part of my own design for our Front Living Room. I'm having a lot of fun with it, as you can probably tell from my black wall and stripes that I posted earlier this week! It's amazing how just one or two seemingly simple things can really make a difference.

I've had that paint chip in the center of the board for years and every time I would come across it in my sample box I would think to myself "I love this!" Now why didn't I ever think to use it for one of my own room designs?? Silly isn't it? How things are right under our noses sometimes and we circle the earth ten times trying to find something perfect and there it was. Right there. The whole time!

A few other things that I love.....these drawings......

....they were part of a huge art collection that my source for framing (ArtWorks) sort of inherited......I dug through the art and picked out all the pieces I loved, and for some reason I was always drawn to the work by C.U. (or C.M.).....and another artist B.K......no one knows who C.U. or B.K. is...but we love their work. 

It's kinda cool having work by a mysterious artist.

Now what to do with them?? There is an odd number....

....so to create a grouping I would have to add two similar pieces, or break them up into smaller groups, or maybe combine them with other pieces in a few different areas. I'm just gonna play around with them until I create an arrangement that works.

Sometimes the best thing to do is to take a picture and see if the area you're working on actually looks like you think it does. A picture can make you see things differently and can make imperfections, like a crooked picture, stand out where you otherwise wouldn't notice.

I'm also playing around with these fabrics.....I haven't made any decisions yet......
....I just love ALL of them!!

 Thomas Paul for Duralee

Because I always need a touch of old soul.....

Ralph Lauren Townhouse Collection "Ladies Mantle"

 Ralph Lauren Townhouse Collection

 Ralph Lauren Townhouse Collection

 Another Ralph Lauren

 Ralph Lauren again

 Robert Allen for Dwell Studio

How fun is a hot pink toile????

 Robert Allen Williamsburg Collection "Full Sails"

Robert Allen Williamsburg Collection "Scrolls"

AND here are a couple sneak peaks of some new additions that I'll show in the room later....

Candlewicking Embroidery?? NOT something you see around much anymore....but I love it...mainly because of my Mom....

AND....a very cool little frame....from a very cool place...

AND.....something I've waited a VERY long time for....

...is almost complete! I'm just waiting for the finishing touch! I can't wait to show you when it's all finished!

This week is off to a very inspiring start! Hope yours is as well!

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  1. I think those stripes have lit a fire in you! You're on a roll and I can't wait to see what you do in the living room.


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