Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Our hallway in the back of the house just got a fresh coat of white paint..... used to be glow worm green!! 



In my defense, it wasn't supposed to be "glow worm" green, but the light bulbs that the hubs requires me to use, cast a nasty yellow/green light that makes any shade of green look like it's glowing.   I respect his efforts in saving on our electric bill, and helping the environment in his own little way, so I let the bulbs stay and got rid of the green. I was happy to see it go! 

AND I'm also very happy with some fresh new frames!!! 

You probably remember the "Fabulous Mess" canvas.....

....... that was once an "artpron"(apron with art on it) that I was too scared of using, so I had my framer stretch it for me. Now it's art for my kitchen! I purchased this fabulous piece at Third Drawer Down. They have other unique pieces and funny things for around the house. I had to have it because this is OBVIOUSLY how I look while I'm creating a mess in my kitchen....or so I wish!

I LOVE this frame!! Thank you Mr.Chet at ArtWorks!!!!

and I love the bright little pops of pink....

Another new addition is this special little piece that really makes my heart happy!

This is my Mother and her sister, Deta. 

Is there anything better than old photos?? 

The frame is also from ArtWorks. I wanted a ridiculously huge frame with lots of girly detail. Notice the lace-like texture? It's just perfect!

It's the start of a collection!

What icky wall colors have you gotten rid of lately? 

P.S. Hanging up some new frames helps ease the pain of waiting for all my loot without all the extra calories involved in cheesecake baking/eating!


  1. Your hallway looks beautiful! I love fresh paint and I like the name "worm glow" green. :) Your artwork is so cool and I love old pics, I have many around my house of my mom and her parents, they just make me smile. I need to paint my mud brown/grey entry way soon, hopefully next week!

  2. Love the changes you made Kelle! Painting your hallway white really brightened things up. I love the way the artwork pops against the walls. PS. I smile every time you mention your aunt Deta! I love her name!


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