Thursday, February 23, 2012

Environmental Bio-chic

Environmental Biology isn't really my thing.

It was especially NOT my thing when I had to take the class in college. I didn't think it would actually inspire me or even be relevant to me as a design major...I mean, how exactly does visiting the water treatment plant translate into classic home decor??

But...turns out that decor inspired by Environmental Biology IS pretty relevant and inspiring these days!

Y'all know John Derian knows what's up:

He's pretty serious about his environmental subjects.

The creators of these lab-like kitchens also know what's up....

I get it now....and I thought the only good thing that came out of that class was the ability to identify trees.

 This is a shagbark hickory


And the Adler Planetarium....'s exterior is covered in a stone called gneiss....a 3.5 billion year old metamorphic stone mainly found in Scotland, but can also be found in the great U.S. of A, specifically, in the land of 10,000 lakes....
......I carry this information around in my brain involuntarily! 

Examples with a few nods to the biology lab.....

The key for me is black. 

Black is a magical color. Black makes all ordinary biological life forms and lab equipment look way cooler than they actually are. Black makes green look even greener and somehow, makes all things written upon it in chalk, completely factual. 

Now I'm itching to paint a wall black!


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    1. totally agrees! Black makes everything classier and cooler, even just a hint of it. Botanicals even better!

      Oh and, your living room above is making me crazy with love. You did a fabulous job!!!



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