Sunday, February 26, 2012

Black. It's What's For Dinner

I would like black walls to be as commonplace as beef is for dinner.

Mainly so that the myths regarding dark walls will be laid to rest....and also so that people will stop saying "OH MY GOD!! You painted a wall BLACK??!? Are you like Goth now or something?!?

I am always asked, "Won't dark walls make the space feel smaller?"

My answer is always "it depends". There are so many variables and what's "small feeling" to some, isn't "small feeling" to others. Sometimes "small feeling" translates as "cozy" or "calming" always depends on the space and the person and their own personal tastes and associations.

Then there are also layers to consider. Simply using a dark color as a background that will be layered upon with lighter, brighter colors, then it doesn't always matter how dark the background is.

A perfect example: A hefty portion of black with heftier portions of white. The black isn't weighing down or darkening the room at all.

The black adds a moody, dramatic, seriousness that his room wouldn't have without it. It can only be a personal reflection of the person who lives here.

I think larger doses of black can put a new, edgy spin on traditional design.

 and can also amplify eclecticism...

and enhances the appearance of rustic natural elements....

Let's not forget this perfect and brass....

and black makes cool randomness, even cooler....

And black and white stripes......

....are just so fun! I may show you all a few of my own new stripes soon!

pssst....look at the Hunter boots! How do they always look so good in their surroundings? Like they are always meant to be part of the decor. If ONLY I could create a product that not only would be worn people for years and years, but also be used as a prop in their decor. Genius!

 And this is one of my favorites from Country Living....
....the stripes make the "country" and "antique" look here, edgy and new feeling. It's hard to describe, but without the stripes, this room wouldn't look as fresh.

For some reason black gets a bad rap and I'm here to say "black ain't whack"...that's the right setting it's completely elegant and sophisticated. It provides instant "ooh la la" and sophistication for the price of paint AND a little courage.

I took the plunge this weekend and painted a wall black.  I admit, it was scary. I'm used to painting black walls in places that I don't actually live, and the result was completely worth the stress! After I painted the wall, I was over my fear of black and started some stripes down the front was exciting and then I realized that you actually CAN get a little carried away with your new found confidence in painting things black. The hubs had to ask me to put the paint brush down. True story. Who knows what else I would have painted!

Pictures to come soon!


  1. Ooh I love that first photo! I can't wait to see what you are doing. I love black, very dramatic and cozy at the same time I think.

  2. I can't wait to see it Kelle. I am nervously going to paint my powder room black. I have hope it will be as chic and sophisticated as I picture in my head.

  3. Okay, I'm sold!! I actually would have said no to black before seeing these photos. I love it with the purple carpet...stunning.

  4. You have the guts I wish I had! I am so glad I ran across your blog! I have lots of catching up to do. Can't wait to see how it turns out.
    Take Care,

  5. Oh I love it! We just bought a house and I've been thinking about a black wall in the dining room. You've convinced me!


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