Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Stencil Reveal....

I let you have peak earlier.....Now here is the whole thing!

There are few new additions. 
Two black lamp shades.  You may recall that the shade on the vine lamp used to be white. When I purchased the original shade I knew that I would get all sassy and dramatic one day and need a black one, so naturally, I bought both!

Also, a new "crystal" lamp from Target! (are they really crystal?)

Don't you love Target?? 
If you don't, we can't be friends.

Of course the new lamp sits on top of my favorite Tricia Guild design book. 
(coincidentally matches my decor. funny how that works out sometimes :)

AND pink flowers are ALWAYS a necessity in my home. 
Preferably ranunculus, but roses are good too.

My favorite little birdie is still living on the green table.

It reminds me of these little creatures from Kate Spade.....

....irresistible, right?

Speaking of Kate Spade, I NEEEEEED these....

and these.....

ANYWAY, back to what I was talking about! It's SO EASY to get distracted by Kate. 

If you thought I was done adding pink to my house, you're wrong......Miss Bailey just received some pink stripes.....

...only a peak for now because I have one more wall to go!! 

This, appropriately pink, vintage Audrey, also followed me home one day.....

....and she is definitely here to stay! 


She is from Embellished Heart. I mean, OF COURSE she is! 
Where else in Kenosha would you find a vintage Audrey with a metal leopard frame?? 
No where. That's where.

Is more pink coming to the Dame house you ask?? Don't be ranunculus!

OF COURSE there is!!

by Caitlin Wilson Design

NO! I'm not getting a pink couch!!! Although one shouldn't put it past me!
See the pink detail on those drapes.....that's what I'm thinking. 

My other option is a black detail, but I've done that about nine hundred times now, so it's time to throw in some color! I think Audrey will approve. After all, she was a firm believer in pink.

I hope that if you love pink, or any other "girly" color, that you aren't afraid to use it in your home. If you're girly, be girly, and don't let anyone get in your way! AND if anyone EVER has something to say about your girliness, kindly refer them to me. I got your back.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Wintery.... what I prefer.

I am not one to go crazy with "Christmas-y"decor. I do not have Santas and elves and other Christmas-y things around the house. I don't know why. I guess it's just not my thing.

BUT the wintery look IS my thing.....

....I will get out some red pillows, some red and green candies, and maybe some winter-y looking art. 

The latest addition is this vintage New Yorker cover from December 1967. 
Framed in one of my favorite metal frames....Thanks to Chet at ArtWorks!!'s so NOT your typical metal frame! 
I love this line because of the little beaded detail. It adds some elegance to the metal, and that isn't always an easy thing to do.

So, That's about it for my Christmas decor.

The funny part about me not liking Christmas decor is that I live on a street called Christmas Lane!!

That's right. Of ALL the streets to live on.....I picked Christmas Lane, where everyone goes crazy with Christmas decor and the cars start lining the streets the day after Thanksgiving! It's a little crazy. I begrudgingly oblige with this tradition every year. I am kind of a grinch about it. I'll bet you wouldn't have guessed that about me.....but it's true!! I guarantee that if my husband did not do all the work, there would be zero lights on the house. I know. I'll say it for you...BAHHHumbug!! :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

One Step Closer.....

....towards my dreams for our bathroom....

A framed sea fan. An elegant touch of a silvery-bronze and something that feels beach-y without taking it over board. hahaha....over board...get it?? ok. Maybe I should keep my day job.

Now all I need is some marble tile, a nice soaking tub, a new vanity, new lighting, and a mirror....that's all. I don't ask for much!

Anyway, I love the lace-like shadows that these create on a white background! I wish I could actually capture some to show you. I'm sure you have seen these around, and I'm also sure that you noticed that they aren't cheap!! 

I figured out how to have one without paying $ can order a sea fan online for less than $10 and if you happen to have a local framer who doesn't charge 9 million dollars for every custom frame, mine is ArtWorks, then you can have something like this for around $150 instead of $300.

Your framer might end up hating you because these fans are very fragile and attaching them to a back piece is a pain, but that is where coffee, or holiday treats come in. Show up prepared and you'll be able to calm the framing beast. This is a VERY valuable tip that you received for free. You're welcome!

Our wall color is a very calming green from the Restoration Hardware collection. I think it is called Silver Sage. You can get towels to match!!

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

You Crazy Birch!!

Do you watch it??

Once Upon A Time??

I will warn you. It will suck you in....and then you'll be hooked. Every week you will sit yourself on the couch with a glass of wine and ultimately find yourself all stressed out and worried, and with envy!! 

Like this, "OH NOoOoO!! Is Charming EVER going to find Snow White?!?!?....will they EVER get to live happily ever after?!?!?!?.....Oooooh, I LOVE that wallpaper....AND that mirror!!! OMG!! DON'T eat that apple!!!! That stupid birch!! Wait. That lamp is freaking awesome and LOOK at those delicious red apples with the birch wallpaper!! I Neeeed that wallpaper!!"

Every week.

Look at that stupid birch....

She's so pretty, but she's just so mean!

I have never wanted to be a wicked queen/evil mayor so badly!!

I have even gone so far as to locate my wicked queens chair....

The "Deconstructed 19th Century English Wing Chair from Restoration Hardware. I found one at the outlet for $1000 less than retail!! make her mine......muhahaha......

As the wicked queen/evil mayor, I would like to make one tiny change to my evil office. ...I don't like the silver rings on the tops of columns.... 

....I would prefer them to be all black or all white. The silver next to the creamy white just isn't working for me. So, on my first day as the wicked queen/evil mayor, I will have that changed. 

In the meantime, I will figure out how to get some of this birch wallpaper in my own, REAL, life! 

Here is a version of the reverse. SO COOL isn't it?!

One with patience COULD make this happen with chalk....on a chalk wall....I'll bet you're shocked that I figured out another thing to to do with chalk paint.... go with my chalkboard chargers AND birch candles. My hubs cut up some of our logs this weekend and I LOVE them!!! I am supposed to sell these....but I can't seem to let them go!! Would you? I didn't think so!

Are you crazy for birch?? What is going on??

Monday, November 19, 2012

And The Dish Ran Away.....

....with the spoons...

OR is it that THIS GIRL got a little carried away with spoons??
Yep. I think it did.

I mean, framed spoons, spoon mirror, more framed spoons, imagining a chandelier a la spoons, I could go on!! Maybe I should talk to someone about my problem.

AND THEN after I talk about my spoon obsession, I will have to bring up my chalk paint obsession....

....and how everything around me suddenly seems like it needs a coat of chalk paint...

...OR even worse....A STENCIL!!!

Stenciling, as my fellow design addicts know, is also highly addictive. It also has pretty harsh side effects, like sleepless nights, excessive cursing, and random outbursts directed towards strangers. Even worse, alcohol abuse. AND did you know that stenciling is the gateway drug to wall paper??? If you don't keep your stenciling under control, it could lead to gluing fabric to your walls, or even worse....sponge painting!

So, my dear readers, I urge you to proceed with caution when it comes to spoons and stencils. I don't want you to find yourself framing plastic silverware OR making sunburst mirrors out of those fancy tooth picks with the little ribbons on top! AND I REALLY don't want to see your dog covered in pink Imperial Trellis.

He really DOES NOT need to coordinate with your pillows.....or does he...

OMG!! he already does! Check that off my list! Phew! :)

Happy Monday (I will be stenciling!! How bout you?)

Monday, November 12, 2012

Not Just Your Ordinary......

....Sunburst Mirror!!

This one is very special, and VERY heavy!

I'm not the type to sit around and polish the silver and then hand wash each piece after I'm done using it. There is just too much to be done every day and those other things are much more rewarding. Delicate things that require attention just don't stand a chance in my house, so in order for them to be used and appreciated,  they must be turned into something else. Something more fabulous!

BUT Isn't she pretty???

The mirror was a find from Target that happened to be on clearance!! So you're looking at a sunburst mirror that cost me a total of $15!! 

Did I mention that each piece is wired onto the mirror in at least two places? That equals a lot of wire ($3) and a LOT of time (mostly free), but it is so worth it!! Now, instead of being stashed away in a drawer, never used, it is out, and adding some shiny bling to the room every day! 
Now that is how you put pretty and meaningful things to work!

In other news.....

A girl I know is getting a really neat and navy window seat with some fun pillows!!

My client, a sophisticated 13 year old, has some great taste! 

Her first pick for a pretty fabric....

Duralee 72066 in Pool.

It's such a great piece to get the inspiration going!

I'll keep you posted!! In the meantime, ask yourself what you have stashed away in the attic or basement and how it can come out to play!

Have a great week!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Little Additions Here and There....

A new settee for the consignment shop.....

This little settee was parked in my basement for a reallllllly long time, and then it went to someone else's basement, and then it finally got the attention it deserves with some new fabric.......

....and some pillows made of scarves and sweaters.
I wish I still had the picture of what it used to look like! 

And the perfect framed etchings for a client's front hallway....

my favorite of the group....

I wanted to take these little lovelies to my own house, but sometimes, I know that my loves will have a more suiting, beautiful life, with a client. I guess I can't hang on to all the art that I love or else I will be on an episode of hoarders some day and that is not a life goal of mine.

AND something I am really excited to get started on at Linnea bakery..... will involve a birch tree stencil!! 

I can't wait to give more details!

Hope you are all having a great week! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

"Not All Those Who Drift.....

.....are lost"... what that little mirror says! I agree. 

I LOVE the "cruise ship style" home of my good friend, and design soul sister, Tori!!
I am helping her with some finishing touches in her home and I really wish I could just move in!

Her and I have pretty much the same style and humor that we love to express in our homes.

I mean, I don't know anyone else who would freak over this t.v. tray the same way that I would!

Can you even imagine Silver Springs at this time? With the cute, not so slutty bikinis, and high heels?? 

And the person who made this.....

.....had to have had some patience!

NOTICE the blue ceilings???
Your ceilings are walls too! They deserve the proper attention and a light shade of blue can make normal ceiling heights seam much higher.

LOOK at the drapes....would you EVER guess those are canvas painter's cloths?!?! I would never have guessed! They look like linen! 
I suggested added a trim of white grosgrain ribbon to dress them up just a bit. 

The view from the kitchen.....

....that are almost swinging along with the waves.

And my FAVORITE room...

The dining room...

It's just so bright and sparkly and filled with soul!! 

ALL of these pieces and every little accessory you see, are reinvented finds, heirlooms, or just cool things that she has thrifted along the way. If her home isn't proof that you can decorate and fill your home with beautiful, meaningful things, on a realistic budget, then I don't know what is!

The connected family room with a gorgeous Chesterfield leather sofa!

I have so much more to share from Tori's home and shop Embellished Heart. We will keep you posted on our progress and meanwhile, if you happen to be a local to the Kenosha area, you can find more cool stuff at Embellished Heart. Her store is just brimming....go see for yourself!

Have a fabulous week friends!

Monday, October 22, 2012

A Ghost!!

It never gets old!!

Who doesn't love a ghost chair or two???

I finally got a couple! 

One for the shop, and one for me....

.....a wise investment indeed! 

AND surprisingly comfortable!

You can save a ton by getting a non-original on so many websites. These were only $125 each and free shipping. I can handle that price!

Happy Monday!!