Monday, October 24, 2011


I'm totally procrastinating about working on Bailey's valance. 

I don't know why. 

It's just so easy to get distracted....

IN LOVE with this room! via decorpad. There's probably no cheetos aloud in this room. 

AND...IN love with that chair on the right....via Decorology

ARTful living via deliciously determined....again no cheetos...

So cozy looking...via jasdesignbuild & junkgarden via flickr. You could totally eat cheetos on that couch!

 Perfectly rustic....via [me] longing too!

crisp white, lovely textures, and plant life perfectly placed with art....via flickr???

Complete coolness via Cococozy and Robert Dutesco art. 

Look at those hide covered ottomans!!! 

Perfectly eclectic via whythisworks....

Notice the theme?? I see a white couch in my future. I also foresee a slipcover....or two!

Did you notice that my brain has already moved on to decorating our front living room!!! 

I know!!! 

I need to HOLD my HORSES!!! and FOCUS!!! Do you see that blue ottoman with the nail head trim??? AND that HUGE piece of art??? swoon....


Focus Kelle...Focus!! 

That was much easier before blogging! 

Must work on valance!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bailey's Room Continued....

Here's another little section of Bailey's room!

Opposite her bed is her armoire and a fabulous pink chair! 

The pink harp back chair is also from Embellished Heart. My friend Tori is currently in a very pink mood and it's coming out all over her store! I love it!! I used more of the leftover Annie Selke fabric to cover the seat.

  The armoire was NOT always black. It took a layer of BIN primer and 5 coats of black to get this baby all black and shiny! I also replaced the hardware with shiny glass knobs from Hobby Lobby. 

This butterfly piece is something EXTRA special! The butterflies were hand embroidered by my great Grandmother Mayme Kamm. I've had them since I can remember and I wanted to do something special with them and also keep them protected, so I decided to have them framed. I'll let you guess where!

I thought it would be completely appropriate to put a picture of Mrs. Kamm herself, right smack in the middle. That's my mom standing beside her. I have an image of myself standing beside her when I was in first grade and I swear Gramma Kamm still looked the same! She was a completely fabulous woman and she was quite possibly the source for all the irresistible sassiness and the "I ain't takin no crap" attitude that all of us ladies in the family seem to have!!  

The other two pieces that flank the butterfly are from Bailey's favorite story, Madeline's Bad Hat.

A little peak at Bailey's closet....more on that to come later!

Look at her face! Is that not exactly how we scowl at stupid boys?


Maybe it's my favorite story too.

I've known a few bad hats in my day and that little Pepito cracks me up! I can't help but see myself and little Bailey in the sassy spirit of Madeline. Especially when she rips into the poor mangled Pepito for being a horrid little brat. 

As for what's on top of the armoire...

...another goofy little owl from Embellished Heart and some big storage books with covers from vintage Child Life magazines. There is so much to love about these!! They are cute, smart, and super colorful, while being completely affordable. This set of three cost about $12 at HomeGoods.

Aren't they the CUTEST??

LOVE the purples and greens in this one!! 
I could do an entire room design based on this cover. 

They aren't something that you see everyday, especially as storage pieces. That's why I was like "YOINK! You little guys are comin home with me!!"

Still to come is Bailey's closet and the window area beside her bed. I'm STILL working on the window valance, but it's going to be done soon! The drapes however, will not, so I'll just have to show you how it looks with the sheers. I can't wait! I better get in the basement and finish painting!!

I hope you all are having a fabulous week! 

Friday, October 14, 2011

At Last....

I hope you're sitting down with a cup of coffee because I'm happy to announce that Bailey's much anticipated big girl room is finally ready for it's big reveal!!

I must admit, I've been fussing over all the little details for weeks now and I've realized that I could fuss forever**. 

**(I probably will fuss forever, but not just about this room, but  many other rooms. I already have one in mind...Shhh! Don't be telling the hubs on me!!! )

I'm going to break up the reveal into a few different posts because there is just SO MUCH to talk about!!
 I want you to have all the details!!

Anyway, without further adieu. Here's little Missy B's room....


or as Bailey would say "Here'd dit dis!!!"

Can you believe all of this started with this...

.....just a plan.

Give my man some plywood and some power tools and look at what can happen!!

I went with a simple and timeless palette of black and white mixed with playful pinks, minty greens, and touches of yellow and turquoise blue. The black and white pieces will stand the test of time as I'm sure my daughter will want to redecorate about as often as I do. If she suddenly hates pink, there are only a few pieces that will need to be recovered or painted.

In case you didn't notice...we are big fans of the letter B in this family.

Not just because Bailey starts with a B, but because all of her favorite things start with B...

Butterflies, Birdies, Barbies, Baby dolls, Blocks, Books, and Bubbles in the Bathtub!! Let's not forget her Big Brother named Benny who is a Bug-eyed Boston Terrier.

There's the bohemian glass chandelier in all it's glory!!

The floral pillows are not the same floral that I talked about using. That's because the Amy Butler floral that I was first going to use was fighting with me. It was clashing with some things and not showing up well on camera. Taking pictures and sharing what I do is very important in my career, so if a fabric fights with me, it gets tossed out of the plan. Let that be a lesson to all the other trouble making fabrics out there!! If you wanna be on the Kelle show you better look good on camera!!

Anyway, enough with my fabric rant, the floral fabric that you do see is called Shalini Ivory Raspberry by Annie Selke and I got it here : 

The pink and white geometric fabric on the bolster pillows is called Links Pink, and also by Annie Selke and the white fabric with the black polka dots is a Duralee designer fabric, and I purchased those through Paperdolls Interiors, which is located in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. It's one of my go to sources for fabulous fabrics!

The solid pink pillow is from Embellished Heart and I made the solid black pillows out of some nice wool crepe I had stored away in the basement. I knew it would come in handy some day!

Coordinating Baby Doll dress by Gramma....she knows what's up!!

Birdie lamps, also from Gramma.
All they needed was some spray paint and new shades and voila! Lamps that look like PB kids lamps for $17 each!! Can't beat that!

A Barbie plaque is a MUST!!!! This one in particular was made by Sara of Simply Sara event planning and custom stationary services. Sara recently made the invites and several decorations for Bailey's third birthday party ( I will post more about that later) and this Barbie plaque was my FAVORITE piece!! If you want Sara to make you one, just send me a message and I'll get you more info.

More pillows. I just can't help it sometimes.

Some little birdies in pink frames from Embellished Heart and a page featuring Miss Clavel from a vintage Madeline book had to make an appearance!!

A fabulous Louis frame from ArtWorks.....wait...ALL the fabulous frames in this room
are from ArtWorks!!

I'm COMPLETELY in LOVE with this piece!! The mat and frame combination was beautifully put together with scrap pieces of mat boards left over from other projects. I love it when things come together with materials that you already have. Sometimes working with what you have narrows down an overwhelming selection just perfectly.

(I too wake up in the middle of the night feeling like something just is not right)

Now what in the world is on these bookshelves??

Bailey's vast collection of books and some little friends....

Hoot Hoot he's cute!! He's from Embellished Heart too!!

And that little white birdie....her name is Zsa Zsad...Bailey names everything.

AND up on top....

....are the books I don't want her to get her hands on just yet. Like, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, her baby scrap book, and her daddy's books on how to make wooden baby toys.

A purty little flower and her Swiss Piggy's seriously from Switzerland ( I didn't have the pleasure of  tagging along with the hubs on that business trip.....sadness happens when I think about that....oh well...I'll go next time!)  it even has a key! This pig means business!!

More vintage books on the other side....

AND A moss ball lovingly made by her Aunt Jess at 2am in the morning!! We were scrambling to get everything ready for the party the night before the room reveal!! I'll never forget how insane we all were about getting this room done!

***Notice the Elementary Technical Mathematics Book??? Only my dorky smart hubs would make sure she has that! The books she will inherit from me have much prettier pictures in them!

I must also mention that these....

....drawer fronts were made out of cabinet doors! Remember how I was the designer for my MIL's entire first floor overhaul?? Well, some of the cabinet doors got the kabosh because of minor defects. She let my hubs take them home and figured he would do something with build Bailey a cool little fort....well he didn't build a fort, but he DID turn them into these fabulous drawer fronts!! He cut them down to the correct size (thereby removing said defects) and voila, free drawer fronts!!! Sometimes the fact that he keeps everything drives me INSANE, but these purty little drawer fronts are proof that he does indeed have good reason. My mouth = shut!!

Next to her bed is the special dresser that was once in my Mother's room, and then in my room, and now in Bailey's room....

I love that the dresser got a brand new life and it provides a lovely pop of minty fresh green!!

The round beaded knobs are from Hobby Lobby and the glass pulls are from Anthropologie. The oval mirror is from Home Goods.

As for the top of the dresser....a fabulous girl must always be ready for a tea party!!

I made some tea towels with the left over fabric scraps and I used a special serving plate as a tray. The plate was one of the first plates that my Mother purchased when she moved out and got her own place. It just goes to show that black and white truly never goes out of style!

The Peter Rabbit tea set was a gift from her fabulous Aunt Jess and the milk glass vase is from Goodwill and cost a whopping $2!!

The white tea towel was one of my fabulous finds in my Aunt Deta's basement! If you missed that post you can read it by clicking HERE.

So, there you have it. The first peak at Miss Bailey's room!! I hope you love it as much as we do! Stay tuned next week for the rest of the room reveal!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Almost There!!

I thought I'd give you another sneak peak to hold you over for a few more days!!

My brilliant hubs discovered a use for these vintage door knobs!!! 

This was me: "OH crap!! I didn't get hardware for the drawers!!"

The hubs : "DUH! You already have some!"

Me: "What??? I DO??..... NO!!! I am NOT using the HIDEOUS hardware from the old kitchen!!" 
( I tend to jump to the most horrifying conclusions)

The hubs: "NO you crazy lady! I'm not talking about those!" 
He went into the pantry, where I hide my secret stash of vintage door knobs ( I don't know why I hide them cuz I'm pretty sure there aren't any doorknob swipers out there) and he said "We can use these!"

Me: "You're a GENIUS!!! I knew there was a reason I married you!!"

We should have a reality show.

Anyway, I'm still hard at work on this room. The hubs still has a wooden window valance to build, and I still have the accessorizing, and the wall art to perfect, so it's gonna be a few more days....I'm  even still shopping!! Good thing I'm not waiting to reveal this room until my Mother finishes the drapes or else you'd all be waiting till Christmas! 

I learned to NEVER rush my Mother when she has to sew something. You CANNOT rush perfection!! So, I will show her room with just the polka dotted sheers. They are super cute, so I'm completely ok with that! Now my Mother can take her time and I can wait patiently until 2012!! 

ok. Maybe it won't take THAT long.

Hang tight Y'all!!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bailey Helps....

We put our 3 year old to work.....

.....she's my little design assistant....

Always happy and eager to help.

**Notice the vintage Barbie t-shirt***

She wanted to create her own designs for her she layed out her paper like this on the floor....all by herself....she likes to line things up and organize already....wuh oh!!!

BUT instead of pillow designs, she ended up doing a series of funny faces, which may in fact, inspire a goofy line of pillows....we'll see!!

She even has some pretty strong opinions on design.

This lamp for example.... wasn't always white. My Mom gave this pair of lamps to me years ago and I saved them because I knew I would have a use for them some day. They were a dark brown, so I initially sprayed them black. Well, she didn't like the black. She said, "I don't want black Mommy. The black looks scary. I want white." 
I must say. She was right. They look more sculptural and sweet in white. She knows what she wants. Just liker her Mommy :)

Thanks to her help and the help from a few dear friends and family members, her room is practically finished.......finally!!! There were many late nights spent building, painting, and sewing, but it all came together just in time for Bailey's birthday party!!

I am working on the photo shoot this week and I can't wait to share it with all of you!!  Thank you all for your kind words and support as we went crazy putting this room together! You are all such fabulous and inspiring friends!!! Stay tuned this week to see her finished room!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Progress Report

We have been busy busy bees these past few weeks and we are finally seeing a little glimpse of that light at the end of the tunnel!! 

It might not look like much, but it took A LOT of hard work to get to this point!!

By hard work, I mean tears, and scratches, and slivers, and puncture wounds, etc. 

Thanks to my super handy man and Miss Bailey herself.....

...helping fill nail holes....

...she's a natural!

We will be putting the finishing touches on this baby in no time!!

I was up into the wee hours of the morning painting the headboard onto the wall...

I decided to paint the headboard onto the wall rather than construct one out of wood and fabric because three year-olds are messy and they can spontaneously erupt at any moment. This option is also free if you happen to already have the coordinating paint. The super special bonus is that this option doesn't make more work for my already overloaded worker bee. Everyone wins!

One more coat and she'll be done!

AND all of the fabrics have arrived!!

It's time to get out the sewing machine!!

I hope you're all having a fabulous week!