Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pop Pop Portraits

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Just wanted to give a shout out to the fabulous Helena over at Pop Pop Portraits and Krystal, the author of one of my favorite blogs, Village, cuz I won a fabulous giveaway a few weeks ago and I've gone and had my winnings framed!! The giveaway put on by these two fabulous gals included three portraits of my choice and a tote bag!!

Here are the three portraits I chose.

They make me smile and I love the colors!

Ro Ro and Ronald on the teeter totter...I would want people to call me Ro Ro if my name was Rosie...

Ro Ro and Ronald go on a road trip! Notice she has on fabulous red shoes!!
 I've always wanted a pink flamingo named Ronald!

AND of course....I love thrifting!!! 
I also love Ro Ro's cigarette pants!!

Here they are in their fabulous Louis style frames...

Aren't they purty?? 
All thanks to Mr. Awesome over at ArtWorks who takes care of all my framing needs AND lets me selfishly hoard all the Louis style frames to myself. 

What crazy girl wrote her name all over the Louis frames in the basement??
Not me. It was some other Kelle.

Here's the one that found a new home in my little work space....

The other two will find their home very soon! 

If you love these as much as me you should go check out Pop Pop Portraits and see which ones makes you happy. Helena can even do a custom portrait of you or your family! How fun would that be?!?

Thanks again to Krystal and Helena!! I just love the new addition to my work space! I have another reason to whistle while I work...even though I can't really whistle. 

Friday, July 22, 2011

I Like You

The CUTEST store in North East Minneapolis!!! Owned and operated by these two fabulous gals! 

Here's just a few little snapshots of the cute stuff you will find in their shop....

I wanted one of these...especially the "you are my sunshine" one for Miss Bailey's room.

by Numsi design 

It was even featured in DIY Magazine last winter. 

I wish I had some photos of the interior of the store because it's ridiculously cute! They have AstroTurf carpet, vintage sun umbrellas hanging from the ceiling, and even a hot pink swing!!! 

The store features several consignors that are also Etsy sellers. They have craft classes and can host crafty birthday parties in the back of the store. 

Here are some of the things I brought home with me......


a felted flower brooch for Miss Bailey


A vintage brooch turned ring for me!!! Sorry my pics are so crappy! 

If you happen to take a trip to Minneapolis or live in the area you need to visit this place! You won't be disappointed! Plan to spend some time cuz there is lots of cool stuff to see! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My New Crush

I'm sure I'm 90 years behind the times by just now discovering Chive, the Toronto based glassware company that specializes in unique glassware vases that really make you stop and look. Ok....Maybe the company has only been around since 2004, but their fresh, innovative designs, are irresistible! They aren't ridiculously priced either.

It's a bit like they are paying me to talk about them, but really, they aren't...I kinda wish!! I'm just in love with the fluted vase that I found at a local boutique called Boobe.

It kinda looks like a glass Lego, but once you put flowers in it, the Lego appearance is hidden. Especially, if you do what I did, and go nuts with hydrangeas.... 

It's like the flowers are floating above the water. 

I didn't REALLY fall in love with this vase until I realized that it's actually really functional. By functional, I mean, my daughter can't knock it over! She loves smelling flowers and nearly knocks over every vase that I put out. Then I get scared and move them somewhere safe. I don't have to with this one!

I can even put it on the ledges in the front hallway and it's not likely that anyone will knock it over. 
**Notice that I said, "Not Likely" **

I will be the idiot who knocks it over with her huge purse!!  BUT, do you see why I love it now?? 

They have others that my daughter (and I) wouldn't be able to knock over...

This one is called Goudie...and I love her!

Miss Bailey really can't knock over a vase that is nailed to the wall!!

This one is called a wall dot. A person could go nuts with these.

There are many more to love...

Who doesn't love some gun metal?

or a ray gun effect?? 

If I had my store I would carry these puppies!! Some day people...some day!!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Black, White, and Clay

My ArtWorks project is coming along...

***Update: This piece is by a local artist, Carolyn Gagliardi***

Here is an example of the color scheme we have. Black, white, and clay. Very MANLY!

I always love classic black and white, especially on a stairwell.  The neutral clay color is going to allow for some serious play with bold colors. 

I just finished painting the top rail black and I'm really happy with it! I love the simple sophistication of a little touch of black. Now I am seriously craving a new light fixture!! 

Here's what I have for 'before' shots... 

The triangle wall to the left is now the clay colored wall.

This project has certainly proven that a little black can go a long way.

As for the little pendant that needs updating, I have my eye on a few...

We could go industrial...

I love the top left from Anthro...

OR we could go Art Deco to add a slight touch of femininity...

I'm thinking that a few Art Deco references would tie back to the original design and architecture of the building. I could be wrong, seeing as how I don't actually know anything about the building, but Art Deco just seems to fit.

Can't you just see it???

This is totally the wrong perspective with the light, but you can still get an idea of what an Art Deco pendant would look like. I still love playing with olioboards!

I'll keep you all posted on the progress! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2011

What I Found...

Happy Friday everyone! 

I thought I would share with you more of the treasures that came home with me from Minnesota. 
One of my stops was City Salvage located in North East Minneapolis. 

Just imagine how fun it would be to go around collecting the coolest and most beautiful pieces out of old buildings and houses in the Minneapolis/St.Paul areas.....I would just die! 
Well, that's what these people do...

...they get to go digging... as their job!

You'll have to excuse my dark photos. This place is lit with antique lighting and is therefore rather dark. I took the photos that I could to give you a taste of what this place is like.

Notice the banister, the columns, and that beautiful gothic style door? AND the leaded glass windows that line the ceiling? I would so do that!

Oh, and there is a cat.

She kept the hubby busy. Did you notice that Art Deco light fixture in the background?? Swoon!

These could be used in a very pretty way.....

 I wanted this light fixture!

Hubby said, "what are you gonna do with ANOTHER light?!" 
I said, "I'm gonna hang it in my work room and turn it on when I get a bright idea! duh!" 
Silly husband. Like I'm frivolous.
I mean, it's not like I have an obviously abundant and seemingly useless collection of old doors, frames, and light fixtures!!

Anyway, here are the two small things that I brought home..

An apothecary jar! It holds my Epsom salt.
That's right...I'm 90 and I put Epsom salt in the water for a rare soak in my sucky tub.
I guess if I can't have my dream tub, at least I can have the view of a swell looking shelf!!

I love that old bar of Ivory Soap too!

I also brought home a piece of molding from the old Danish Hall, known as Dana Hall to the locals. I hear it once burned down...I can't find any history on this, but apparently this was a piece of molding from the ballroom??? If any of you happen to know more about this please let me know!

I just loved it :)

I have it temporarily hung with the window collection in the dining room...

That's all I brought home from the treasure trove that is City Salvage. I spent a whopping $35!!!

Next up, is our visit to Bauer Brothers Salvage and a cute little store that is appropriately named, "I Like You"

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inspiration for Deta

Beautiful rooms with browns, blues, and lilac hues. 

Just for you Deta!!

Notice the white shelves and birdies below....

Don't be afraid to go dramatic and contrast with white. 

Blue and a little bit of pink!

Tall lamps and headboard to balance out the drapes.

Dark frames on floral patterns

This combo is pretty too...

Soft and luxurious.

Things I would buy for Deta's room:

1. Some purple or pink damask fabric
2. some purple or pink pillows and a throw blanket
3. Some vintage lamps with an interesting white shade
4. Some elegant white shelves for the birdies
5. An elegant white chair or bench
6. Vintage frames and vintage botanical prints
7. An upholstered headboard and two non-matching night stands

There you have it Deta! 
Now keep your eyes peeled for these things on the cheap and you'll have your dream bedroom in no time! You deserve it!