Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spring Green Randomness

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

I hope you're all having a great week!

I added a few doses of spring green around the house this week.

I NEEEEEEEEED Spring to come!!! Don't you??

It looks like spring outside, but is sure doesn't feel like spring!!

I got out my colorful plate collection....

and popped them into the panes of the door....

The plates are a mishmash of styles and from several different places. Some are very special. Nothing appeals to my senses more than a mishmash of things from all styles and eras.

Front top left; Pier 1 Maribeth plate $5.

Queens blue and white patterned plate from Marshalls $2.99.

A beautiful plate that was recently handed down to me from my mother-in-law. Story goes that it belonged to an old lady who lived down the street from her parents in a beautiful Victorian home. When she passed away my MIL and her cousin went to pay their respects and were given a few of her plates. Made by W&E Corn, England, it appears that it could be from 1900-1904. Is that special or what?

Bottom right, special depression glass plates from my fabulous mother's side of the family. I believe they belonged to my great grandmother, Mamie Kamm and were passed down to my Aunt Deta, and then my Mom, and now to me. This is decorating with meaning at it's best!

Now I just have to properly put them on the wall so that I don't have to worry about them falling over and breaking! Maybe add something to the background too. Apple green and white striped fabric perhaps??

As For the dining room table...

Some crab apple branches and some blooming branches (no idea what they are:)These are definitely helping to cure my gray winter blue blahs!

I love how the branches and the sassy little bird chair get along.

For the kitchen...some more tulips!!! My hubby got them for me and I didn't even have to ask!!!!!

He even managed to get my favorite ones...the curly ones (no idea what they are called either)

Lesson learned: You might have to spell it out for the Mr.'s a few times, but after awhile they might just get it.


A pear painting that I started. I'm only about half done. I needed some artwork to hide all the cords and figured another pop of green wouldn't hurt! I found the frame at a thrift store for $3!! Just spray painted it and sanded it a little.
Badabing badaboom!

Who wants to look at cords and plugs anyway?? No one. That's who.

A pot of grass. Fake grass that is! I have such a black thumb I won't even attempt to grow grass indoors!

P.S. why are all common and affordable phones ugly?? I don't get it. They are out where we can see them, therefore they should be prettier looking and/or cool, while still being affordable!

I really really really want this one!!!

But it costs somewhere around $170!!! I mean come's a regular phone disguised as a retro phone, not an iPhone people!

I would also love a modern version of this green one:

It fits the bill for my current obsession with spring green don't you think?!

That's all for my spring green fixes around the house! Next I'll be finding some fabrics that go with the suzanni fabric that has exploded all over my house!

Something like these....

The options are endless!!

Where did you add some spring??

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Suzanni Headboard

She's all done!!

AND you're getting a sneak peak at my "private resort bedroom" aka "no kids allowed", "peace and quiet" room.

It's slowly coming together!

The next post will be about other fabrics that I'm looking at for some color.

I still need a blanket for the "supervisor" to sleep on, and a small pillow or two just for fun.

They will probably be turquoise, grass green, or pink. Shhh! Don't tell the Mr.! He's color blind and thinks that all the pink is really tan! Let's just keep this little pink secret to ourselves :)

Another project to scratch off the list!!

You also get the DIY instructions from me.

Well, in the best way I can explain anyway.

Here's how I/we did it. It was a family affair...

My hubby helped me cut the plywood because I'm scared of cutting large sheets of wood. He also helped me flip and carry it because I'm no she-man!

As for the cutting, I can just imagine the plywood falling and sending the saw up in the air.

While highly unlikely, I'm not messing around!! Sometimes other people need to do what they do best!

Anyway, I used 1" plywood.

I determined the height and width I wanted and told the Mr. He cut it down to the right size and then I drew the shape I wanted on the top.

You only have to draw one half of the top because after you cut it, you can use the cut piece as a template for the other side. Just flip it over and trace it. That is how you can be sure you have a symmetrical design on the top. I wish I had a picture of this!

After it's all cut, it's time for the foam. I used 1" foam and got it 40% off at Joannes.

I put the board on top of the foam and just used scissors to cut the shape. When using foam this thin, there isn't any need to get out the serrated knife.

Just roughly cut the shape. It doesn't have to be perfect because the batting that goes on top will smooth it all out.

You can use spray adhesive (a.k.a stink adhesive) to get the foam to stick to the plywood or use staples.

I used this scary thing!!! An air powered staple gun.

Also known as, the "Je-je-je- Jesus!!!" gun.


Because it unexpectedly kicks itself on and scares the Bejeezus out of me!!

As for batting, I used quilting batting that came in a roll. Again, 40% off at Joannes.

The batting serves as a buffer between the foam and fabric. It smooths out any dimples in the foam and creates softer edges for the fabric to be wrapped around, therefore adding durability to the fabric on the edges.

Stretch it over the entire piece and pull the edges tightly while stapling it in place.

You don't really have to worry about bulkiness on the back because you can cut it out later. It's more important to get your edges and corners nice and smooth.

Here's the back side of mine:

After the batting is stapled in place, it's time for the fabric.

I measured the amount of fabric needed and added at least 10 inches to the overall measurements in order to have plenty of fabric to wrap around the sides. It's always better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

I laid the cut fabric out on the floor and set the headboard on top.

You can start out easy on one of the sides:

I started stapling in one of the corners.

If you're nervous about corners I would start on one of the bottom corners for practice since you won't really see it.

This part is hard to explain. First, I pulled part of the corner fabric back so that it was laying diagonally across the board and pointing to the lower, opposite corner. (make sense??) Then I stapled that chunk in place.

Then, I took the rest of the corner fabric and wrapped it around, laying it on top of the previously stapled piece.

It created a nice corner without any lumps.

As for the curves...that's where the trouble can happen.

This is where having some sewing knowledge will come in handy.

Just like when you sew curves in a piece of clothing, you have to cut and ease the fabric. You do this by cutting slits into the fabric. The slits allow the fabric to ease around the edges.

Don't be afraid to cut into the fabric on the back side. You won't see it anyway. As long as you have enough to staple down and your curved edges look good, you'll be golden.

Keep going and pulling the fabric tightly as you go.

Before you know it, you'll be done!!

Totally worth all the hard work and scariness!

Total cost was about $140 with all the supplies and fabric. I already had the staples and the scary staple gun.

As for attaching it to the bed...I wasn't there. I know it involved some drilling of holes and some bolts. If you really need help on this part, just shoot me an email and I'll ask the Mr. what he did :)

Can't wait to share the room when it's all done!!

Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to help.

Hope you're all getting a good start to your week!

Inspiring Words

The canvas that hangs by Emely's bed serves as a reminder to her beautiful and creative soul, that we have to take risks in life in order to move forward, to learn, and to be our best. No matter what.

The second I saw it, I knew it was for her.

As a creative soul, it isn't always easy to find fulfilling work, or people that appreciate your creations. But you must be you, no matter what the world says.

Emely wasn't sure what the quote meant at first, but she got it.

The canvas came from Recovered Treasures. The cutest little store in Lake Villa Illinois. You can find Recovered Treasures on Facebook and some of their pieces are available on Craigslist. You'll always find reasonable prices and very unique pieces! They even carry a beautiful line of handcrafted jewelry by a local artist.

That about covers it for Miss Emely's room. If we do any updates in the future or we add more of her artwork I will surely share!

I hope you're all getting a great start to your week!

All the BEST!

P.S. Sometimes I want a canvas that says, "It ain't easy being cheesy"

Friday, March 25, 2011

Miss Emely's Room: Part 3

So, how does one make a small room function in at least 20 different ways?

You steal space from wherever you can.

Like the closet.

Emely is not your average pre-teen...she actually doesn't have 900 pairs of shoes and 9000 pieces of clothing. Back in the day, I was the exact opposite!! What can I say? I've always been a shoe whore!

Anyway, Emely only had about 10 dresses and a few sweaters and coats hanging up in her closet.

We weighed our options. Leave the clothes hanging and let them take up some major real estate, or put them away. Which would be more functional? Which items need to be more accessible? A desk/vanity, or dresses and coats?

The answer is behind Door Number 1...

Bada bing, bada boom

So where did all her clothes go??

I threw them out.

Just kidding! They're under her bed. Her dresses are lying flat in long storage bins and her sweaters and coats are folded nicely in some bins too.

She has a beautiful shabby chic mirror which was another purchase from Embellished Heart. This mirror is very nicely made and extremely heavy! Not bad at all for $25!

She has a desk lamp for doing homework. A sweet find that needed some spray paint! Total cost around $8!!

She has an inspiration board for all of her artistic inspirations. I started it out for her with some paint samples from her room in case she wants to paint something that matches her decor. The cork board was a clearance item from Hobby Lobby and cost $6. We painted it and it fit perfectly inside this heavy duty frame from Artworks.

Emely already had the desk, but it had some outdated hardware, so we changed them out for some fresh and clean pulls. Just a simple change that cost about $16. They make the desk look and feel way more expensive.

P.S. My husband picked out the hardware! Didn't he do a good job? Now I know I can trust him to make last minute purchases when we're short on time!

The desk chair is from Classroom Consignment and cost $10. Emely painted it white all by herself! She didn't know that it would end up inside her fabulous closet, but she was more than happy to help. I recovered the seat cushion with some remnants from her pillow shams. A five minute make-over that is super easy!

Above the desk area is more storage. These aren't even full so she has room to spare.

Doesn't every kid have 900 stuffed animals? Where do they all come from?? They're like rabbits! Somehow they multiply themselves when you aren't looking!

I kept a couple of her special ones down and put the rest up. Let's face it. They never play with them all, but they won't let them go. I was that girl once, so I let her keep them. She'll purge when she's ready.

For the walls to the left and right of her closet I kept it simple.

Another piece from my portfolio. I knew she would appreciate the colors and the piece adds a clean modern touch.

I love this piece by the little Miss!! I commissioned a similar one for my house! Isn't she amazing!? She's already receiving commissions at the age of 9!!

She has some wall space left where she can add her future creations.
After all, Artists and designers are never truly "finished" with their work.

I hope you all have enjoyed seeing this special project. It has meant the world to me!

I have one more short but sweet post to do about this room. There is another special piece of art that deserves some attention.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miss Emely's Room: Part 2

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I have more of Miss Emely's room to share!

I'll start with a Before and After.

Mainly because I LOVE before and after shots!!

Here is her dresser wall...

TA DA!!!

The matching lamps are from Target. They came in just under $40. The lamp shades were plain white and were a steal at $5.99 each! I added black ribbon to the bottom with some hot glue. A fast and easy upgrade.

Family photos with fabulous frames!!

These pictures are just a couple of her "meaningful objects". A happy moment captured during a vacation with her Mom and Brother, and a family photo with all of her cousins.

I found both frames at the Home Goods Store for under $15.

Gold AND silver??

Usually people think that you can only have one or the other.

I say, why should a girl have to pick just one? Make them both work!

This frame reminded me of a bracelet and I couldn't resist!

Now for the artwork on the walls...

This is a piece that I did in college for a Color Theory and Elements of Design class. It was tucked away in one of my portfolios and I realized that the colors would work perfectly in her room. The shapes in the composition, which include a tube of lipstick, a lamp, and a curvy stairway, are quite appropriate for a girl's room. I knew that it was meant to be hers. Besides, what good was it doing stashed away on a bookshelf?

The frame was generously gifted from my favorite art supply and custom frame shop...Artworks of Kenosha. Thank you Chet!!

Another piece that I doodled up one day with Miss Emely in mind. I wanted to do something for her that had all of her favorite purples and a whimsical composition. The fabulous gold frame is another from Artworks.

This one is really special!

Her little brother, who is only 3, cut this heart out of pretty pink glitter paper, and gave it to her on Valentines Day!! How sweet is that?!?

I decided to just stick it up on the wall in one of the oval frames. Otherwise, it would just be stashed away somewhere. Someday, we might seriously have it matted and framed, but for now, sticking it on the wall with tape, in true tween fashion, seemed most appropriate.

Although we completely changed her room, we left just one of her lady bugs from her "little girls" room. Maybe to honor the transformation and the room's past?
Even though she is a fabulous pre-teen, she still has fuzzy memories of her rooms past. Why should she have to totally give them up? And even though her Dad won't admit it, he still wanted to hang onto those lady bugs because they make him feel like his little girl is still little. Who'd blame him, right?

Remember this chair? It's the perfectly cozy reading chair that I sprayed with paint. It came from one of my favorite little shops, Embellished Heart.

She's at home now in Emely's room and the paint/water spray worked!!! It was a complete success! A HUGE Thank You to Tori!!! Without her idea and support I wouldn't have done it. I would have chosen the path of severe resistance!

She can also sit or kneel in it and doodle on her chalk boards. The paint made it that much more durable! I love it when a plan comes together!!

Notice my supervisor was present. Emely's little brother likes to pretend he has a dog sometimes :)

There is a reason (or three) for having three chalkboards...

One is for daily doodles...she is an artist you know!

Frame: ten dollar flea market find!

One is for her inspiring word of the day...

....this day it was "love"...because that is what receiving a fabulous room makeover made her feel!

The oval one is for faces that express how she is feeling...

This one looks rather serene and content. I guess that is what having a peaceful room does to a girl. AND once those teen years roll around with hormones in tow, her parents will know to let her be when the face is a disgruntled one!

The fabulous Louis style frames are more ready-mades from Artworks. Thanks Chet!! He knows that I have an extreme weakness for all things Louis!

Thats all for Part 2 folks!

You'll see how I tackled storage issues and her closet in Part 3.

Hope you are all having a great week! I hope to get around to all of your blogs to see what you've been up to!