Saturday, December 24, 2011


Merry Christmas everyone!!!

It's Christmas Eve and I'm in my PJ's and I am NOT getting out of them!!

But it's see, a few years ago, when my daughter was a teeny tiny baby, I accidentally started a new tradition by showing up at my Mom and Dad's house in my pajamas. I was tired and my clothes didn't fit after just having a baby, you know what I mean fellow Mommies, so I decided that dressing up just to go over to my Mom and Dad's house to eat and open presents was the stupidest thing ever!! 

Everyone made fun of me and my pink plaid pants and cable knit slippers....."Nice pants!" and "Gee, don't get all fancy just for us Kelle" went on, but after everyone ate too much and their pants were all too tight, and I was all comfy, I didn't hesitate to say "Who's laughin now suckas??" (yeah I'm real classy like that)

The moral of the story:  it's now a requirement to wear pajamas on Christmas Eve, the more ridiculous the better, or you're not welcome at Chuck and Denise's house!

Some Ralphie pajamas might be taking it a little far...

BUT I will take that leg lamp!!

ALL of these from Victoria's Secret fit the bill....

How about a union suit.....

I love this combo with plaid shorts!!

and I just need these....or else....

My next move towards a new tradition is ordering pizza. You know some years you wish you could ditch all the cooking and skip the task of cleaning it all up!!

Do you have any silly traditions? AND do I dare ask what you would change if you could??


  1. You already read about our tradition of cheesy, gooey enchiladas. I think you should push the pizza thing since you won the campaign to wear pjs. That's nothing short of brilliant. Merry Christmas, Kelle, pjs and all!!

  2. How funny! I adore pajamas! Merry Christmas Kelle!

  3. Pizza kept calling my name this year too! I kept thinking, why do we spend all of this time in the kitchen, making too much food and then fighting because the kitchen is too small and no one wants to do the dishes? Let's get pizza and eat it right out of the box!

    I love you! I can't wait to see pictures of Bailey opening gifts!

    PS - WOOHOO PJs! I wish I was wearing them at work today! I actually sat at home this morning trying to figure out if I could get away with yoga pants... but alas, I'm in jeans.

  4. PJ's on Christmas eve sounds like a lot of fun! We usually take it easy for Christmas, as far as cooking goes. Last year, I think we ate Chinese takeout! LOL! Happy New Year, Kelle!!


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