Monday, December 5, 2011

My Kind of Tree!!

I confess. 

I was NOT in the mood to decorate for the Holidays this year. For some reason I just couldn't get into it and I refuse to do things that I'm just not feeling because I know that whatever I'm attempting to work on, just won't come out right.

And then the leopard print ribbon happened!! 

I was at Steins standing near the ribbon with my daughter and my Mom while they happily and excitedly looked at holiday decor. I was bored.....and then the leopard ribbon said to me, "Psssst!! Kelle....wouldn't I be a fun and sassy touch for your boring tree???"

"Hmmmm.....depends on how much you cost. What kind of a deal are we talkin?"

It said "I'm 20% off and I'm already on CLEARANCE!!" 

"Say WHAAAT?!?"

I looked around as if there would be a sudden swarm of leopard print ribbon lovers and hurriedly swept up three rolls!! They were only $4.50 for a 10ft roll!!

I think I'm one step closer to my dream tree!!!

Barbie really knows how to decorate a tree! Why not pull out some of your fancy shoes from the closet and use them as ornaments?!? You might think that's just totally insane, but you know what?? Barbie would.

I love the combo with my hand painted Indian ornaments

Especially with this pink one!

I'm not showing the whole tree because I can't find our tree skirt AND because my daughter keeps "decorating" the lower half of the tree! :) I just found one of her headbands on a branch this one knows what could be next! Maybe some real Barbies that will most likely be naked or wearing their clothes backwards.

So there you have it....a Kelle Dame kind of tree! All I need now are some more Barbie ornaments, some vintage pink ornaments, and some pearly white lights and maybe some fancy old spoons and chandelier crystals!! Now I'm getting in the spirit!!

Were you feeling the Holiday decorating "meh's" or were you more than excited?

I'll keep you posted if I have any other conversations with ribbon or other craft supplies.


  1. So cute about your daughter redecorating the bottom half of the tree! I love what you've done with your tree so far! Congrats on getting such a deal on the ribbon!

  2. I can't imagine someone as wildly creative as you not decorating for Christmas!!! I'm glad you motivated by fun ribbon. What a great theme for a tree:)

  3. Hi Kelle! I love your tree and the ribbon is so fun and chic!! That is what I love about Christmas trees, you can do anything with them, even headbands and bows. :) I hope you are doing well, I kind of have the same thing about decorating this year, I am just not that into it. I did it but certainly not as much as I have in the past.
    Enjoy your week!!

  4. I am a fan of that leopard print ribbon! It would be inspiring me too, especially when it is on sale. The Barbie ornament would be a hit at my house and like you I watch my daughter re-decorate our tree constantly! Oh the joys of Christmas! Love your tree and thanks for sharing!

  5. whoa that rocks. i'm glad you got inspired :) :) we aren't having a tree since we'll be gone. sniff :(

  6. Lol, I love it, you're daughter's imitating mommy, decorating the tree. Loving the ribbon Kelle.


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