Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just Dreaming

Now that the hand painted wall paper is well under way, I have allowed myself to dream a little about what our bedroom could look like.....if I can buy a few new things!

Here's what I'm dreaming of...

It's calm, serene, and an elegant place of refuge...

The clean lines and elegant hardware of this Niche dresser from West Elm has held my attention and made me drool for over a year now! It's timeless and I know it's well made. It's a little late to ask Santa isn't it? I guess there's always next year....boooo!

AND I'm already tired of the suzanni headboard that I did last spring! I'm ridiculous! I figure a neutral linen headboard with nail head trim would be the perfect neutral backdrop for easily changed patterned pillows and bedding. It's so much less work to change a few pillows than to recover a headboard every year! 

I'm also liking purples with the blue walls and might throw in a few touches...

pillow by Ivie Made on Etsy

Just a touch of color among some lux neutrals would be dreamy!

Thanks for stopping by and dreaming a little dream with me!


  1. This looks beautiful! PS - I can't/totally can believe that you're over that beautiful headboard already! You're crazy! I love it!

  2. I can't believe you're bored with that beautiful headboard already!!! Oh how I wish we lived closer to each other and I'd take it off your hands:) I do love your vision for the new room though!

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