Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Happiness Project

It's #1 on the New York Times best seller list and I happened to pick up a copy a few weeks ago at the airport while waiting for a flight to Vegas. Why would I? Honestly, I don't know. Maybe the cover is pretty, or maybe it's because I know I can be happier, or maybe because I just like to learn about myself and life. It doesn't matter. What does matter is that it's a great book and it's making me get stuff done!!

The Author, Gretchen Rubin, lists her own 12 Commandments that she lives by, and one of those commandments is "Do what ought to be done". Nothing gets in the way of happiness like nagging tasks that hang around in the back of your head and make you feel guilty for not finishing them! 

It's like those unfinished tasks are the blocks at the base of a pyramid. Everyday life gives you plenty of blocks to deal with and if you have too many blocks already started at the base of the pyramid then you're that much closer to that block at the top that is gonna send you over the edge! Once you're's just too late! Before you even realize what's going on, you've already bit everyone's heads off and eaten an entire bag of cheetos!!! That does not equal happiness!!

One such nagging task of mine was this:

the hand painted design for the walls in our bedroom (and unpainted trim)'s been a year!! Probably more than a year!! Every day I wake up and this project is staring me in the FACE, taunting me!!! NOT a good way to start a happy day!! So, I made the decision to just do what ought to be done!

It took about two days, and an entire bag of cheetos, but I finished this wall!!! 

Here is a crappy picture:

There just isn't any natural light this week! It's gloomy times ten! I'm going to do another post of our room once the walls are completely finished and once there is some sunlight. I need some portfolio worthy shots! 

I still have the wall behind our bed to complete, but now that I've got the process down, it should be a snap!  I've gotta keep the momentum going even if the wall to be finished is behind the bed and won't be staring me in the face every morning.

Speaking of nagging tasks, remember this unfinished project....???

It was another task in the back of my head driving me crazy!

So, I finally put together my own version of a dry erase board. It's a frame from Goodwill that I sprayed white and a piece of plain white mat board with black ribbon to create the columns. The mat board is behind glass and I just use window markers to write down all the projects.  

It feels awesome to check items off the list!! 

I had an empty space at the end of the board...and then my daughter started hanging up her artwork in this very lovely spot. Sometimes she adds the perfect touch!

Another thing checked off the list and one less nagging task bringing me down!! 

There are a few more tasks on the list at the moment but the most exciting ones for me are:

The vine that needs to be turned into a lamp......

like this....

AND the fabulous chair that needs it's legs and a pretty skirt....

I'm so over this hanky look already and I'm wanting a simple box pleated skirt.  It will make for a timeless classic that can be spiffed up with a hanky pillow or some other "easily removable and changeable" accessory.

I have my work cut out for me! 

If you are wondering about this Happiness Project, I say buy the book! It never hurts to try to be happier, although, I will admit that much like dieting and exercising, it is always harder to actually apply the knowledge, but people are always saying that everything worth doing is probably going to be hard.

I'll keep you all posted on my progress and if you want to learn more about The Happiness Project, the author has a great blog. Just click : The Happiness Project


  1. I heard an interview with the author earlier this year. She's very inspiring and I've been meaning to get the book. If it will kick me in the butt to get things done then I'm all for it. Your wall looks spectacular Kelle!!!!

  2. you are the man! you know what i mean! :)

  3. I needed a new book thanks for the suggestion!...Too funny you ate 1/2 bag of cheetos during the wall project....One time during a project....I could not believe I ate almost a whole bag of those soft pumpkin candies, the ones that u can only find at Halloween...I was so sick!
    So glad you got the projects rolling, sometimes all we need in a little additional inspiration!


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