Friday, December 9, 2011

Get Your Holiday Frock On!!!

You know what's perfect for lots of Holiday eating and drinking???

A moo-moo!!! 
Think of all the room you'll have to stuff in some extra pie and ice cream!! They're genius!!! They hide your full tummy and expose your skinny parts!!

Some people refer to moo-moo's as hostess gowns. I don't care what you call them, I just know I'm making me one! 

You can get yourself one of these at Society Social....

Or you can make one in a snap! McCalls has a very similar pattern...number 5855 to be exact...but you probably don't even need one if you're a handy sewer. I will also be making a shorter version for summer time!! You'll have to stay tuned for that! 

And I need a pair of these....

 or these.....
From Zara

You can even change out the belt when ever you feel like it!!

Also from Zara

and then you need a super bling-y hostess ring!!! I want ALL of these!!! From HERE.....HINT HINT!!!

sometimes you gotta spell it out for them!! 

Then I need one of these...

from J.Crew.

AND I would take ANY of these...

also from J.Crew.

AND a clutch of course....

AND last but not least, I'm gonna load myself up one of these....

....BRING it Holidays!! I'm ready!!

What are you gonna wear??


  1. oooo i want the bar cart so bad!

  2. i just came back to look at those zara shoes again, those are amazing.

  3. I love the idea of the dress but at only 5'3" I would look like Mrs. Claus in it. I will take one of every single other thing on the list though:)


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