Thursday, November 3, 2011


Sometimes things are just sdrawkcab!!

You know how our seasonal decor usually reflects the landscape around us?? 

Well, with a colorless season fast approaching, I'm not exactly feeling all bright and sunny inside.

I say "pooh pooh" to that!

via Armas Design...a painting by this fabulous gal is a MUST HAVE for me someday!

via pinterest pinmarklet

Sometimes, I don't decorate for the changing seasons OR the holidays. I just can't do it, if I don't "feel" it. 

Anyway, it's important that my surroundings reflect how I'm feeling and how I'm feeling doesn't always match the colors of the season.

via House Beautiful

How's this for color saturation?

Winter makes me crave bold colors.......

and NOT the typical bold colors associated with the holidays. 

Don't you love Mariska's work. She's not afraid of color and she's not afraid to go all out with the things she loves! So will my house look like winter? No. It will look like me and all my musings! 

Do you really like to decorate for the Holidays or is it more of an obligation??

I'm signing off for awhile to rearrange some things and get some stuff done!!! No more slacking or procrastinating! There's too much fabulous to be done! 


  1. My kids crave it more than I do....Putting it all way can be the best part!

  2. Love the colors and about January I really crave them. I love decorating for the holidays though too but I hear ya when you have to feel it. :)

  3. Love that first bunch of flowers, popping over to have a look at her artwork. Wishing you a lovely weekend, Nicolex

  4. Agreed! Not a fan of seasonal decor. The Christmas creates a domino effect in the house and everything gets shuffled around. The needles fall everywhere. On a brighter note, I do love the smell of evergreens AND your colorful images.

  5. I enjoy decorating for the holidays. It seems to put everyone in a good mood!

  6. It's funny you say this, because in your last post, I was reading January in all of your images. That time of year, when the holiday stuff gets put away and the organization binge starts. Fresh and clean and hopeful. I see that here too!

  7. I'm with you. I decorate for my mood rather than the season. I'm all about bright and cheery right now so I'm just gonna go for it:)

  8. i'm in love with blue elements in decor lately so i'm loving that blue one up there! hope you are having a good sunday my dear :)

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