Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Hopeless Romantic's what I've named this lovely little lady.....

Can you blame me??

I squealed when I saw it  at Embellished Heart last Friday. 

Yeah. I squeal. I get excited!

It was love at first sight!!!

Look at all the little details!!

Tori, the owner of Embellished Heart, is also the talented hand behind the painting of this chair. She doesn't miss one single little detail!! She is sure to give every piece she touches a brand new, completely fabulous life!!

I'm SO in love with this chair and it goes in our bedroom perfectly, but the hubs is less thrilled than I. 
NOT because it's too girly.....I know what some of you are thinking!! We already know who runs the decor show around this house! The truth is, he isn't thrilled about having another piece of furniture in our room because our room is tiny, and I swear he is claustrophobic, so I have a decision to make. 

Should I keep her and squeeze her into our room, or should I love her, but let her go, and maybe, one day, if it's meant to be, she'll come back to me???

What's a hopeless romantic to do?


  1. That is a tough decision indeed but I think you know in your heart what you should do!!


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