Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bailey's Room Continued....

Here's another little section of Bailey's room!

Opposite her bed is her armoire and a fabulous pink chair! 

The pink harp back chair is also from Embellished Heart. My friend Tori is currently in a very pink mood and it's coming out all over her store! I love it!! I used more of the leftover Annie Selke fabric to cover the seat.

  The armoire was NOT always black. It took a layer of BIN primer and 5 coats of black to get this baby all black and shiny! I also replaced the hardware with shiny glass knobs from Hobby Lobby. 

This butterfly piece is something EXTRA special! The butterflies were hand embroidered by my great Grandmother Mayme Kamm. I've had them since I can remember and I wanted to do something special with them and also keep them protected, so I decided to have them framed. I'll let you guess where!

I thought it would be completely appropriate to put a picture of Mrs. Kamm herself, right smack in the middle. That's my mom standing beside her. I have an image of myself standing beside her when I was in first grade and I swear Gramma Kamm still looked the same! She was a completely fabulous woman and she was quite possibly the source for all the irresistible sassiness and the "I ain't takin no crap" attitude that all of us ladies in the family seem to have!!  

The other two pieces that flank the butterfly are from Bailey's favorite story, Madeline's Bad Hat.

A little peak at Bailey's closet....more on that to come later!

Look at her face! Is that not exactly how we scowl at stupid boys?


Maybe it's my favorite story too.

I've known a few bad hats in my day and that little Pepito cracks me up! I can't help but see myself and little Bailey in the sassy spirit of Madeline. Especially when she rips into the poor mangled Pepito for being a horrid little brat. 

As for what's on top of the armoire...

...another goofy little owl from Embellished Heart and some big storage books with covers from vintage Child Life magazines. There is so much to love about these!! They are cute, smart, and super colorful, while being completely affordable. This set of three cost about $12 at HomeGoods.

Aren't they the CUTEST??

LOVE the purples and greens in this one!! 
I could do an entire room design based on this cover. 

They aren't something that you see everyday, especially as storage pieces. That's why I was like "YOINK! You little guys are comin home with me!!"

Still to come is Bailey's closet and the window area beside her bed. I'm STILL working on the window valance, but it's going to be done soon! The drapes however, will not, so I'll just have to show you how it looks with the sheers. I can't wait! I better get in the basement and finish painting!!

I hope you all are having a fabulous week! 


  1. Beautiful so far Kelle! I love sentimental art in her room as well as the Madeline prints! Such a smart idea to frame pages from her favorite book! Can't wait for more!

  2. Kelle, you have really set the bar high for the rest of Bailey's life. I have NEVER had a room this beautiful.

  3. Oh the books are priceless! And baby girl has quite a closet :)

  4. I love a look into the little details and think it is so, so special that you framed the butterflies along with your Gram's picture. What a pretty composition. What girl doesn't love Madeline. I remember that was you original inspiration for the room, right?

  5. I love how you've incorporated family into her room with the piece with your grandma's butterflies and Bailey's favorite book-my daughter loved Madeline books too!

  6. those child life mags are so awesome! And I'm just getting caught up on the room now, I am LOVING it!!

  7. This is great for me as I am working on a 10 year old room. Long process, but Im enjoying it.

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  8. Every detail is perfect! Love it, love it!

  9. Grandma Mayme Kamm's butterflies are soooo lovely and sweet.


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