Monday, October 10, 2011

Bailey Helps....

We put our 3 year old to work.....

.....she's my little design assistant....

Always happy and eager to help.

**Notice the vintage Barbie t-shirt***

She wanted to create her own designs for her she layed out her paper like this on the floor....all by herself....she likes to line things up and organize already....wuh oh!!!

BUT instead of pillow designs, she ended up doing a series of funny faces, which may in fact, inspire a goofy line of pillows....we'll see!!

She even has some pretty strong opinions on design.

This lamp for example.... wasn't always white. My Mom gave this pair of lamps to me years ago and I saved them because I knew I would have a use for them some day. They were a dark brown, so I initially sprayed them black. Well, she didn't like the black. She said, "I don't want black Mommy. The black looks scary. I want white." 
I must say. She was right. They look more sculptural and sweet in white. She knows what she wants. Just liker her Mommy :)

Thanks to her help and the help from a few dear friends and family members, her room is practically finished.......finally!!! There were many late nights spent building, painting, and sewing, but it all came together just in time for Bailey's birthday party!!

I am working on the photo shoot this week and I can't wait to share it with all of you!!  Thank you all for your kind words and support as we went crazy putting this room together! You are all such fabulous and inspiring friends!!! Stay tuned this week to see her finished room!!


  1. First Ms. Bailey is adorable....I have a helper too but at 6 she gets her opinion "heard"..Second, I have a feeling this room is going to be incredible...I am really looking forward to the whole reveal!

  2. So sweet! Can't wait for the reveal!

  3. Don't you love that your daughter has the same good taste as you and the same passion for design. I am dying waiting to see this room. The little peek is looking a-ma-zing!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, what a scream! Your sweetie girl knows exactly what she likes and you must be so darn proud.

    How exactly three is she? If my two got a hold of a paint brush roller...I don't even want to think about it.

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  6. she is the CUTEST!!!! i love how she is already a little designer :)


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