Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Almost There!!

I thought I'd give you another sneak peak to hold you over for a few more days!!

My brilliant hubs discovered a use for these vintage door knobs!!! 

This was me: "OH crap!! I didn't get hardware for the drawers!!"

The hubs : "DUH! You already have some!"

Me: "What??? I DO??..... NO!!! I am NOT using the HIDEOUS hardware from the old kitchen!!" 
( I tend to jump to the most horrifying conclusions)

The hubs: "NO you crazy lady! I'm not talking about those!" 
He went into the pantry, where I hide my secret stash of vintage door knobs ( I don't know why I hide them cuz I'm pretty sure there aren't any doorknob swipers out there) and he said "We can use these!"

Me: "You're a GENIUS!!! I knew there was a reason I married you!!"

We should have a reality show.

Anyway, I'm still hard at work on this room. The hubs still has a wooden window valance to build, and I still have the accessorizing, and the wall art to perfect, so it's gonna be a few more days....I'm  even still shopping!! Good thing I'm not waiting to reveal this room until my Mother finishes the drapes or else you'd all be waiting till Christmas! 

I learned to NEVER rush my Mother when she has to sew something. You CANNOT rush perfection!! So, I will show her room with just the polka dotted sheers. They are super cute, so I'm completely ok with that! Now my Mother can take her time and I can wait patiently until 2012!! 

ok. Maybe it won't take THAT long.

Hang tight Y'all!!


  1. Great job hubs! The hardware looks great! I tend to go to the worse case scenario myself ;)


  2. Oh, I'm so excited! Loving the sneak peek! This room reveal is going to be, dare I say...Epic!!!

  3. He is a keeper if he can pick knobs! xoxo!

  4. I hope it won't take until 2012 to see the reveal!

  5. Oh, take your time! I am kidding! Looking forward to it! Glad he found that hardware for you!

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  7. What else do you have stashed away??? The owl and books are fabulous. I'm painting some owls white right now and I'm seeing yours and so glad I did.


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