Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stair Risers

The blank canvas that was the stairway of my ArtWorks project is coming along...

There are a few more risers with lettering to complete, but I wanted to share the progress.
The lettering directs you to the gallery located upstairs. A fun alternative to the usual sign posted on the wall.

To refresh your memory, here is a before shot:

See. Completely blank canvas! 

At the bottom of these stairs is the entry to the shop...the design for which, is still in the works...

This area is the first thing customers see, so it has to make a good first impression and it has to introduce the overall aesthetic of the store while giving customers necessary information. Like where the gallery is located and what events and classes are going on at the moment.  

Soon there will be an information board and some unique art added to the stairway! I can't wait to see it all come together!! I also can't wait to be finished with the stenciling because let me tell you, it's not fun!!! Those letters on the risers were not easily done. It took a few tries to get nice clean lines, but I learned, and now I can stencil anything! Not that I want to. Trust me. Not even something pink!

The secret that took several letters to learn is to use a dabber and apply a few VERY light layers of paint...slowly!!

I hope you're all having a great week! I will be guest posting about my favorite room over at Cottage and Vine later this week! Make sure to stop by and check it out!!


  1. It's coming together, Kelle! I love the thought of lettering on a staircase - Brilliance!!

  2. They are so lucky to have you Miss Kelle! Regarding past posts, I had to laugh about you telling yourself to focus. Yup. I get that. Oh, and I finally saw and loved The Help this weekend!

  3. such a smart idea. you are pretty darn clever my friend. loving the progress you've made. looking forward to your guest post. i love Rene's blog.

  4. Hi Kelle, I found you through C&V and love your spaces. These stairs look fantastic!! Love the natural tread with the black riser. I just painted stairs in my garage and they made such a difference to that rather uninspiring space! Nice to meet you!


  5. the stairs are looking so awesome, whatever you touch turns to gold i swear!

  6. Oh! I love this idea. This is so cute. But have you considered putting some more vibrant colours to your stairs?


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