Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Picker Sisters

I know I was just raving and rambling about The Help, well.....
now I'm gonna rave and ramble about the Picker Sisters!!

Have you seen it yet?? 

It stars Tracy Hutson and Tanya McQueen from Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
They travel together across the country "picking" hidden treasures out of the most unlikely places and then bring them back home to L.A., where their contractor Alan, is waiting to get started on the projects they have dreamed up. Once these one of a kind pieces are fabricated, they land in their AWESOME store front called I-10....take a peak...

You wouldn't believe what this stuff looked like before their fabulous selves got a hold of it!!

Those rolling white cage benches were these rusty old things!!!

p.s. Are they not the cutest pickers ever???

Notice the old radiator chair? Did you know the going rate for old radiators is $5/coil?? I would have never guessed!

That coffee table is made of 1500 lbs of metal chain! And that cow photo..imagine finding an old sign and turning it into a light box for any photo image!! Genius!!

If you haven't seen it and you've been waiting to start a new addiction... it's on Tuesday nights 10/9c on My Lifetime.  

Big SMOOCHES to my hubby for catching this show and thinking of me! 
He even set the dvr and got the wine ready for me!! He's such a keeper!!


  1. isn't the show so good? I just love thrifting shows. can not get enough!

  2. I missed it! I have been watching the previews for weeks now when we watch American Pickers! I will have to set my DVR.

  3. This looks great! I will have to watch it!

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I'm always looking for something new & fun to watch - preferably design related :) Looks right down my alley.

  5. Do you know that when I watched this, I said, "THIS is what Kelle should be doing." because they reminded me so much of you in their attitudes and ideas. Nick and I were of the same mindset! I love that he got the wine out for you!!!


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