Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Kind of Happy!

There are so many little things that make me happy, like fancy bubbly water, salted caramel lattes, and pumpkin cake doughnuts, but pulling a room together with happy colors is my FAVORITE kind of happy!! 
I love fresh and happy color palettes and crisp whites with little speckles of black!

This is where Bailey's color palette started....

Amy Butler's Soul Blossom fabric in Cilantro

I love vintage finds with fabulous bling-y touches!! I love transforming a piece of furniture and watching it come alive with a completely different personality.

With that said, I was on the hunt for a dresser for Bailey's room. One that I could find on the cheap and fix up. I thought I had one in mind, but then my Mom came to the rescue and also helped save my budget! 

She told me I could do something that I never in a million years thought she'd tell me to do!!

She told me I could do whatever I wanted with this dresser:

I was like "Whaaaat?? You crazzzy!"

This isn't just any old dresser. It's one of the dressers my Mom had in her room when she was little. Her mother bought it for her and her sister Deta, back in 1963. My Mom's mom was quite a fabulous lady, and just like me, she wasn't exactly rolling around in money, but she still believed in buying yourself the best that you can. Even if that means saving for a long time.  So she saved. She slowly bought their bedroom piece by piece over the years. There is a total of three dressers, a desk, and a matching mirror. 

It's in great condition seeing as how it's been in use for over 48 years!! I grew up with the same furniture in my room. It even followed me to my first apartment! Now it will be in Bailey's room. that special or what?!?! Three generations of fabulous gals!! 

Now, I bet you wanna see what I did with it... was actually a little painful to paint over the beautiful maple....but I did it....keeping in mind that situations like this is why paint stripper exists.....anyway.....I'm only gonna share a couple pics because it isn't completely finished yet.....

Notice any missing drawer pulls??? hmm??

P.S. You know what doesn't make me happy??? Broken drawer pulls!!!

Dear Anthropologie, 
 I'm sad. I'm especially sad that I paid $12 for each of these drawer pulls. When I purchased them it was because I wanted to be able to OPEN  my drawers, fabulously mind you, and NOT because I wanted to spend nine hours shortening bolts that are long enough to play swords with! AND I did NOT order them because I wanted to experiment with creating proper locking mechanisms between metal and glass. The sort that would actually lock the handle to the hardware where it belongs in the first place. Thanks to your crappy pulls, my dresser will look sad until this handle is fixed. Which could be awhile, because the hubs is really busy, and I don't know anything about locking mechanisms, and I have zero time to exchange them for hardware that actually works.

Enough sadness about the hardware....this is a HAPPY

I'm also going to put some coordinating fabric down in the drawers...

More Amy Butler fabric....just for fun!

The paint color of the dresser is called Reclining Green from Sherwin Williams.
I happily paid homage to the colors of the 60's!!

It totally makes me think of Anne Taintor...

and kitchens inspired by the 60's

Most of my family thinks that I go over board with all things pretty, but I believe in surrounding yourself with all kinds of pretty. I want my daughter to know that she is beautiful and that she deserves beautiful things and all the beauty that life has to offer her. 

I may be creating a princess....but I often tell my single girl friends that we will always be treated exactly like the princess that we believe ourselves to be. Good princesses or bad. It may not seem like it to them at the time, but there is always the supply to meet the demand, so why not demand the best! 

That's it for now! We are working like mad crazy people on this room so I'll have more to post soon!!
I hope you all have a fabulous week!


  1. I love dresser and that color!! It is very pretty and being surrounded in pretty is perfect. :) So sorry about the drawer pulls. :( I love the fabric and can't wait to see that all up.
    Have fun!

  2. oh wow! it really turned out great. so lame about the drawer pulls maybe take it into anthro and complain it was defective?


  3. My goodness Kelle, did you really have to go and make me cry?! I so didn't see that coming! Once you started talking about the sentimental value of the dresser, then your hopes for your daughter and your advice to your girl friends, I was a blubbering mess!! This was such a beautiful post Kelle, my favorite of yours by far. You gave the dresser such a beautiful makeover. I bet your mom is proud.

  4. This room is going to be so fun & happy! The dresser looks great Kelle! My Anthro knob fell apart too :( and it wasn't cheap. Happy thoughts!

  5. The dresser looks fantastic. What a bummer about the handle. They are amazing pulls and handles though!!

  6. This looks AMAZING. Your advice is some of my favorite and, I'm just going to throw it out there, Bailey is one lucky little princess to grow up surrounded by love and reason.

    I LOVE YOU! I'll see you very soon - when this is all finished! Ha!!!

  7. Princess Bailey with an heirloom turquoise and crystal knobbed's appropriate.

  8. i hope anthro reads your letter!!

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