Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Getting Crazy Round Here!!

Remember when I said I would like Bailey's Big Girl room done by her birthday??

Well....I was only about half serious.....knowing how completely ridiculous giving ourselves such an insane deadline was. My hubs, on the other VERY SERIOUS!!! He is determined and he means BUSINESS!!! I mean look:

Does this not look completely serious?

If I show any sign of doubt or hesitation, I am quickly reprimanded with a statement like this, "Kelle!!, You either get on this crazy train with me and decide that we're gonna get this done, or the crazy train is gonna leave without you!!!"

Usually, this is my role, but this time, he took it from me. Now we're all going insane trying to get this room done in two weeks!! 

Did I mention I haven't even painted yet????? 

Also, did I happen to mention that I went crazy coo coo bananas over the decor for this birthday party????  I mean the invitations are fancier than my wedding invitations were! I will share all the lovely hand-made details made for us by a fabulous friend very soon!

I'll keep you all posted with the progress as the crazy train keeps pluggin along!


  1. I think that's as serious as it gets???? yep :) can't wait to see it!!!

  2. WOW, you hubby does mean business! :) I can't wait to see everything.

  3. This made me laugh out loud! All aboard the crazy train!!!

    PS - my Barbie "B Girl" necklace arrived and it looks gaudy. I can't wait!


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