Saturday, September 10, 2011

Embellished Heart = Happiness!!

Can money buy happiness??

Well according to my personal research, it most certainly can.....

....especially the sort of happiness that lights up....

...and twinkles... like this crystal drop lamp!! 


in the form of popping pink George Jetson chairs!!! 

P.S. it's pink upholstery is the ORIGINAL upholstery and it's in fabulous condition. I wish I could have a tour of the home that this came from. Obviously someone with great taste owned this chair and you all KNOW I was dying to take this little sass of a chair home with me!! Alas, I did not. We have a fabulous toddlers room to complete. Focus Kelle!! FOCUS!!

 AND happiness does come in the form of chic prints....

**that also have pink in them....AND....

 ...chic lamps with printed shades

These treasures are all from Embellished Heart, my favorite little boutique in downtown Kenosha. 

It's my first stop when I'm working on a project because I know I will always find something that makes me smile and plenty of things that are truly beautiful and unique. I've mentioned this little shop a few times before  and featured some of my purchases in a few of my projects, and you are bound to see and hear more as I work on Bailey's room because I have my eye on quite a few things that are really gonna make her room sing!! Can't wait to share more!


  1. Yes, money most likely can buy happiness - at least temporarily ;) That store sounds wonderful. Isn't is hard to stay focused?!

  2. Design ADD. I suffer from it as well. Love all your finds!

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  4. I don't know if money can buy happiness but if someone wants to give me some I'm willing to do some research and write a thesis!

  5. I LOVE that pink chair! As always, you have found some AMAZING treasures at Embellished Heart! Tell the girls I say, Hello!!


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