Monday, September 5, 2011

Did you See it??

The Help?? Did you see it?? or read it??

I know everyone says that the book is always better than the movie, but I think they were both absolutely fantastic! I couldn't put the book down and then I couldn't wait to see the movie! It's been a very long time since I've even cared so much about a book. 

The characters are so lovable and real. 

My favorite was sassy Minnie...

You don't mess with Minnie! She'll get you...some way...some how...

and Hilly's crazy mother...the one in the middle below...she loves it when her daughter gets her just desserts!! Oh that still cracks me up!!

And I loved seeing the book come to seeing the character's homes from back in the 60's

The colors of the kitchens and the appliances. And that dinette set! Such a cute scene!

and hearing Skeeter's old typewriter....

And of course seeing all the BIG HAIR!!!

And let me not forget the saucy fashion of the "Marilyn-esque" Celia Foote...

Oh to have those curves!! 
Her character was absolutely adorable and yes, she will bring you to tears!

In fact, most of this story will bring you to tears, but you will also laugh and start talking like you're from the south!! Oh Law! I've still got it in me!! 

I can't say enough good things about this story, so GO! Right now! Get the book or see the movie and don't forget to bring your tissues cuz you're gonna need em!!! If not for your eyes, then for your bra, because Miss Celia is gonna leave you craving more curves!!


  1. I can not wait to watch the movie! :) I love a good cry movie..

    My fav is Minnie too- I think she would make me laugh laugh and laugh. I would never want to cross her tho!

  2. i have not seen the movie yet, i want to read the book first. at this rate, I'll have to wait for the DVD!

  3. I loved this movie too Kelle. I have the book to take with me as part of my inflight survival kit (13hrs is a loooooong flight) when we visit NY in a couple of weeks :) Nicolex

  4. It's rare to find a movie that does justice to the book but The Help did just that, loved them both. Minnie was hysterical, but the final scene with May Mobley made my friends and I walk out a little teary-eyed.


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