Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Kind of Happy!

There are so many little things that make me happy, like fancy bubbly water, salted caramel lattes, and pumpkin cake doughnuts, but pulling a room together with happy colors is my FAVORITE kind of happy!! 
I love fresh and happy color palettes and crisp whites with little speckles of black!

This is where Bailey's color palette started....

Amy Butler's Soul Blossom fabric in Cilantro

I love vintage finds with fabulous bling-y touches!! I love transforming a piece of furniture and watching it come alive with a completely different personality.

With that said, I was on the hunt for a dresser for Bailey's room. One that I could find on the cheap and fix up. I thought I had one in mind, but then my Mom came to the rescue and also helped save my budget! 

She told me I could do something that I never in a million years thought she'd tell me to do!!

She told me I could do whatever I wanted with this dresser:

I was like "Whaaaat?? You crazzzy!"

This isn't just any old dresser. It's one of the dressers my Mom had in her room when she was little. Her mother bought it for her and her sister Deta, back in 1963. My Mom's mom was quite a fabulous lady, and just like me, she wasn't exactly rolling around in money, but she still believed in buying yourself the best that you can. Even if that means saving for a long time.  So she saved. She slowly bought their bedroom piece by piece over the years. There is a total of three dressers, a desk, and a matching mirror. 

It's in great condition seeing as how it's been in use for over 48 years!! I grew up with the same furniture in my room. It even followed me to my first apartment! Now it will be in Bailey's room. that special or what?!?! Three generations of fabulous gals!! 

Now, I bet you wanna see what I did with it... was actually a little painful to paint over the beautiful maple....but I did it....keeping in mind that situations like this is why paint stripper exists.....anyway.....I'm only gonna share a couple pics because it isn't completely finished yet.....

Notice any missing drawer pulls??? hmm??

P.S. You know what doesn't make me happy??? Broken drawer pulls!!!

Dear Anthropologie, 
 I'm sad. I'm especially sad that I paid $12 for each of these drawer pulls. When I purchased them it was because I wanted to be able to OPEN  my drawers, fabulously mind you, and NOT because I wanted to spend nine hours shortening bolts that are long enough to play swords with! AND I did NOT order them because I wanted to experiment with creating proper locking mechanisms between metal and glass. The sort that would actually lock the handle to the hardware where it belongs in the first place. Thanks to your crappy pulls, my dresser will look sad until this handle is fixed. Which could be awhile, because the hubs is really busy, and I don't know anything about locking mechanisms, and I have zero time to exchange them for hardware that actually works.

Enough sadness about the hardware....this is a HAPPY

I'm also going to put some coordinating fabric down in the drawers...

More Amy Butler fabric....just for fun!

The paint color of the dresser is called Reclining Green from Sherwin Williams.
I happily paid homage to the colors of the 60's!!

It totally makes me think of Anne Taintor...

and kitchens inspired by the 60's

Most of my family thinks that I go over board with all things pretty, but I believe in surrounding yourself with all kinds of pretty. I want my daughter to know that she is beautiful and that she deserves beautiful things and all the beauty that life has to offer her. 

I may be creating a princess....but I often tell my single girl friends that we will always be treated exactly like the princess that we believe ourselves to be. Good princesses or bad. It may not seem like it to them at the time, but there is always the supply to meet the demand, so why not demand the best! 

That's it for now! We are working like mad crazy people on this room so I'll have more to post soon!!
I hope you all have a fabulous week!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Loot!!!

I've been a shopping maniac!!

Here is the loot for Miss Bailey's room so far:

A Bohemian glass chandelier....sorry the pic is so small! 

Here it is in person...

I was surprised to find it at Lowes. Usually I don't fall for any of their lighting, but this one was perfect. 
It was $159, which didn't really make me happy because I was wanting to spend more like $100...but it's just so darn cute!!! I might be adding a little Kelle Dame'll see later!

AND some hardware for her soon to be dresser (more on that special piece later)...

the Pipeline handle from Anthropologie and these three lovely pieces....

...all from Hobby Lobby at 50% off! I wish you could see just how sparkly they are. The eye shaped knob is all the rage right now! It's gonna start popping up everywhere! I can't wait to see it on her armoire! First I have to re-finish it! I'm not looking forward to that project :( Where's the button that allows you to jump to the end result??

Here is the dresser I'm working with....

I'll do an entire post on this piece later. It's a really special piece and it honestly kills me to paint it because look at that gorgeous maple!! Believe it or not, I helped re-finish this dresser when I was about 12 years old! You see, I have been doing this my whole life!! There are at least two other pieces just like it, so I don't feel AS BAD painting it...yes, I'm using that as my justification! AND my good friend Tori says that I'm giving the next generation something to do!

I also found some Euro pillows and shams on clearance at Marshalls!!

$19.99 each! It's hard to even find an insert for that price!!

And a mirror for above the dresser:

From HomeGoods for $50. I loved the pearly details!

And I'm about three seconds from buying one of these quilts from Serena and Lily

The soft colors help calm down the rest of the bright colors going on in her room. I just wince a little at spending $180 on a quilt!!! BUT if it must be done, then I'll do it. I know it's of superb quality and all, I just have to make sure I can't find something similar for less. It's in my DNA, what can I say!

So that is what I have so far...there is much more to come!! I'm getting excited! My hubs has starting building the bed and we've even primed a few pieces! I love watching it all come together.

Hope you're all having a fabulous week!! 

Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Getting Crazy Round Here!!

Remember when I said I would like Bailey's Big Girl room done by her birthday??

Well....I was only about half serious.....knowing how completely ridiculous giving ourselves such an insane deadline was. My hubs, on the other VERY SERIOUS!!! He is determined and he means BUSINESS!!! I mean look:

Does this not look completely serious?

If I show any sign of doubt or hesitation, I am quickly reprimanded with a statement like this, "Kelle!!, You either get on this crazy train with me and decide that we're gonna get this done, or the crazy train is gonna leave without you!!!"

Usually, this is my role, but this time, he took it from me. Now we're all going insane trying to get this room done in two weeks!! 

Did I mention I haven't even painted yet????? 

Also, did I happen to mention that I went crazy coo coo bananas over the decor for this birthday party????  I mean the invitations are fancier than my wedding invitations were! I will share all the lovely hand-made details made for us by a fabulous friend very soon!

I'll keep you all posted with the progress as the crazy train keeps pluggin along!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Mirror etc.

I hate to do a post and not give the proper shout outs to my peeps! 

Just in case you're wondering where some of these things came from....

this fabulous mirror came from my favorite little boutique Embellished Heart. Tori, the owner of this fabulous little joint, is the one who wrote the Leonard Cohen quote on the mirror. If I were to write on the mirror, you wouldn't be able to read it!! You see, I scribble. It's pretty scribbling mind you, but it's always illegible to everyone but me. 

These other special things came from Embellished Heart as well...

The little Bailey's mugs...

AND the dainty little mint dish...

I must also mention that just about every frame you see in this room...

is from ArtWorks Kenosha. Most are ready made frames that I dug out of the basement. Some were painted and some were left as is. Only one frame came from Goodwill and that is the frame on the sketch of the dining bench. Don't you just love finding great things at goodwill!!

AND that fun little moss ball...

came from an ABSOLUTELY DREAMY store in Chicago called Mecox. They have at least 7 other locations if you want to find one near you! I was not only lured into the store by the wonderful things in the window, but also by the cute little doggie that keeps a look out for new customers! If they use the dog as a cute mascot, it totally works!!

So there are my shout-outs!! 

I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Favorite Room!

I am guest posting today over at Cottage and Vine about my favorite room!

I knew exactly which room I would share when Rene asked for guest posts for her Favorite Room Series. 

Here's a little sneak peak!!

To see the rest, stop by Cottage and Vine

You're sure to love this series!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stair Risers

The blank canvas that was the stairway of my ArtWorks project is coming along...

There are a few more risers with lettering to complete, but I wanted to share the progress.
The lettering directs you to the gallery located upstairs. A fun alternative to the usual sign posted on the wall.

To refresh your memory, here is a before shot:

See. Completely blank canvas! 

At the bottom of these stairs is the entry to the shop...the design for which, is still in the works...

This area is the first thing customers see, so it has to make a good first impression and it has to introduce the overall aesthetic of the store while giving customers necessary information. Like where the gallery is located and what events and classes are going on at the moment.  

Soon there will be an information board and some unique art added to the stairway! I can't wait to see it all come together!! I also can't wait to be finished with the stenciling because let me tell you, it's not fun!!! Those letters on the risers were not easily done. It took a few tries to get nice clean lines, but I learned, and now I can stencil anything! Not that I want to. Trust me. Not even something pink!

The secret that took several letters to learn is to use a dabber and apply a few VERY light layers of paint...slowly!!

I hope you're all having a great week! I will be guest posting about my favorite room over at Cottage and Vine later this week! Make sure to stop by and check it out!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Embellished Heart = Happiness!!

Can money buy happiness??

Well according to my personal research, it most certainly can.....

....especially the sort of happiness that lights up....

...and twinkles... like this crystal drop lamp!! 


in the form of popping pink George Jetson chairs!!! 

P.S. it's pink upholstery is the ORIGINAL upholstery and it's in fabulous condition. I wish I could have a tour of the home that this came from. Obviously someone with great taste owned this chair and you all KNOW I was dying to take this little sass of a chair home with me!! Alas, I did not. We have a fabulous toddlers room to complete. Focus Kelle!! FOCUS!!

 AND happiness does come in the form of chic prints....

**that also have pink in them....AND....

 ...chic lamps with printed shades

These treasures are all from Embellished Heart, my favorite little boutique in downtown Kenosha. 

It's my first stop when I'm working on a project because I know I will always find something that makes me smile and plenty of things that are truly beautiful and unique. I've mentioned this little shop a few times before  and featured some of my purchases in a few of my projects, and you are bound to see and hear more as I work on Bailey's room because I have my eye on quite a few things that are really gonna make her room sing!! Can't wait to share more!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Picker Sisters

I know I was just raving and rambling about The Help, well.....
now I'm gonna rave and ramble about the Picker Sisters!!

Have you seen it yet?? 

It stars Tracy Hutson and Tanya McQueen from Extreme Makeover Home Edition.
They travel together across the country "picking" hidden treasures out of the most unlikely places and then bring them back home to L.A., where their contractor Alan, is waiting to get started on the projects they have dreamed up. Once these one of a kind pieces are fabricated, they land in their AWESOME store front called I-10....take a peak...

You wouldn't believe what this stuff looked like before their fabulous selves got a hold of it!!

Those rolling white cage benches were these rusty old things!!!

p.s. Are they not the cutest pickers ever???

Notice the old radiator chair? Did you know the going rate for old radiators is $5/coil?? I would have never guessed!

That coffee table is made of 1500 lbs of metal chain! And that cow photo..imagine finding an old sign and turning it into a light box for any photo image!! Genius!!

If you haven't seen it and you've been waiting to start a new addiction... it's on Tuesday nights 10/9c on My Lifetime.  

Big SMOOCHES to my hubby for catching this show and thinking of me! 
He even set the dvr and got the wine ready for me!! He's such a keeper!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Did you See it??

The Help?? Did you see it?? or read it??

I know everyone says that the book is always better than the movie, but I think they were both absolutely fantastic! I couldn't put the book down and then I couldn't wait to see the movie! It's been a very long time since I've even cared so much about a book. 

The characters are so lovable and real. 

My favorite was sassy Minnie...

You don't mess with Minnie! She'll get you...some way...some how...

and Hilly's crazy mother...the one in the middle below...she loves it when her daughter gets her just desserts!! Oh that still cracks me up!!

And I loved seeing the book come to seeing the character's homes from back in the 60's

The colors of the kitchens and the appliances. And that dinette set! Such a cute scene!

and hearing Skeeter's old typewriter....

And of course seeing all the BIG HAIR!!!

And let me not forget the saucy fashion of the "Marilyn-esque" Celia Foote...

Oh to have those curves!! 
Her character was absolutely adorable and yes, she will bring you to tears!

In fact, most of this story will bring you to tears, but you will also laugh and start talking like you're from the south!! Oh Law! I've still got it in me!! 

I can't say enough good things about this story, so GO! Right now! Get the book or see the movie and don't forget to bring your tissues cuz you're gonna need em!!! If not for your eyes, then for your bra, because Miss Celia is gonna leave you craving more curves!!