Monday, August 15, 2011

Sneak Peak

"OH for the love of stripes!!!"
- It's what I'm gonna say the next time I'm frustrated with someone!

Here's a sneak peak of what I'm talking about...

Do you see some wonky lines?? I do!!

Every time I paint stripes, I remember that I hate painting stripes.  And then I wonder "WHOSE great idea was it to paint stripes anyway???" Oh yeah. It was mine :( 

It really doesn't help that the walls have sanded paint on them.

In MY world: Sand + Paint = Stoooopid

I must ask, who in the world thought it was a great idea to start putting sand in paint???? That makes about as much sense as dumping your grass clippings into your paint!! What's the point?? Besides having scratchy, bumpy walls?? Back in 1978 were there wall walkers that felt the need for traction? I don't understand.
Can you tell I'm frustrated with my sanded paint?!? :)


There are many life lessons to be learned from the painting of stripes...

The most important one, that I ALWAYS forget, is to not focus on where you've already been, or where you currently are, but focus on where you are going. The only way to free hand a nice, straight, clean line, is to look ahead and keep going. If you forget that rule for just ONE second, your hand will stray and your line will look like you've painted it after having a couple drinks and losing an eye, just as our plans in life tend to get all crazy if we don't keep our eyes on the prize. 

So, my lovely readers, I will keep looking forward, fix my wonky lines, forget the pain of this process, and then bask in the glory of Bailey's awesome closet!! Stay tuned for the final reveal!!


  1. Looking good Kelle and so refreshing to see vertical stripes for a change. I don't understand the sanded paint either.

  2. Well, if you said it was done on purpose, I would have totally believed you!


  3. sanded paint, what the heck! as if painting stripes wasn't hard enough. shame on them!!

  4. I know, they are a pain in the arses! But it's going to look fab as always!

  5. I agree with Camille. They look funky and cool

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  7. man your are full of amazing ideas and inspiration!! i wish i could paint in my apartment!


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