Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fall Fashion

I've been dreaming...

Anthro Chiseled Wedge $168.00

Anthro Niko Wedge $328

Anthro Niina Mary-Janes $298.00

J.Crew Bryant Boots $248.00 (oh hubby!! My birthday is coming!!!)

I have a pair of these flats in pink and they are the most comfortable flats I have EVER owned. I would take these in ALL colors!
J.Crew Rainy Day Ballet flats $50 (way cheaper at the outlet!!)


The Maisie dress looks really comfy and I LOVE that purple! $168.00

The Souvenir Dress...because it will be a souvenir that I will keep and wear forever! $148.00

I'm supposed to be at the gym. Now that I have my daydreaming out of the way I can get going!

What are you dreaming about for Fall??


  1. Ahhh the Anthro Wedges are stunning!

  2. Cute, cute stuff! I could do those flats, and would love to be able to wear the heels, but they would sit, sit, sit in my closet. I do really like the Land's End Canvas mid-high clogs though. (They have little nail studs that remind me of nailhead trim!)

  3. I'm dreaming of FALL!!! And, as always, this Proenza Schouler PS1 bag:,default,pd.html
    But I want it in yellow.

    I LOVE YOU! I'm also dreaming of coming to visit soooooon!


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