Monday, August 29, 2011

Bailey's Room and Randomness

Happy Monday!

My Mr. has been hard at work designing the structure for Bailey's bed and bookshelves. Luckily he is able to use a design program at his office called Solid Works that allows him to make detailed 3-D models of my designs. I love this software because I can sketch out anything, from furniture to built-in cabinets, and he can take them to work and make all the necessary plans for my dreams to come to life! 

Here is what we've got so far....

You will probably remember that our design is based on this room....

This room is actually similar in size to Miss Bailey's room, except for the taller ceilings!! I have to keep that in mind when shopping for a chandelier. In most bedrooms the chandelier goes above the bed so it can hang a little lower, but in Bailey's room we have to be able to walk underneath it so I am slightly limited.

This one from The Land of Nod has caught my eye...

I love it's vintage feel and i love how it will go with the black and white polka-dots!!

Her room is very small! I mean, it's not even 10 X 10, but that isn't any reason for it not to be as fabulous as possible! I'm a small room fan. There are so many good things about small spaces.
Here are a few of my favorites:

1. They take 2 minutes to vacuum.
2. They will limit your clutter because you won't have any other choice. Whatever you don't need or use constantly, has to go, unless you want to swim amongst your possessions.
3. They are the easiest to keep warm and cool.
4. They keep people close and intimate.
5. They are easier on the budget to decorate and totally revamp.

If you are living in a house that you don't feel is worthy of making beautiful because of it's size or because it isn't your "dream house". I would reconsider. ANY house can be your "dream house", it's just whether or not you will let it be.

Our bathroom is a VERY similar story. We had larger bathrooms in our first apartment!! Again, the same things apply. Especially my fifth point above. When you have 25 square feet of bathroom space, you can choose the most expensive tile there is and it still isn't going to be extremely expensive! ok. Maybe it will be, but you won't feel nearly as bad about it!

Since I'm randomly talking about my is my future bathroom...

 (minus the window, the extra sink, the tv, and about 5 feet of counter space!!) will be fabulous and I will feel like a queen!!

I'm off to priming Bailey's room! I hope you're all getting a great start to your week!


  1. Bailey's room is going to be gorgeous. the structure for her bed is amazing. you're off to a great start.

  2. I love your design Kelle. Baily's a lucky little girl to have parents who put so much thought into the design of her room. Maybe someday her own little girl will sleep in the bed designed by her grandma and made by her grandpa.

  3. Oh my gosh - what Karen said almost made me cry at work. I love that thought!

    I love the creative direction and can't wait to LIVE in that bathroom. I know it will be tight, but it will be so beautiful! ;)

  4. i love seeing the magic you whip up!

  5. Gorgeous!! I agree with all your points re small spaces. The biggest factor is that our kids never play in their rooms. They are always in the main areas of the house so why give up square footage in a house for bedroom space.

  6. This room is going to be wonderful. I hear you on small spaces - easy to clean and inexpensive to update. At least that is what I keep telling myself ;)

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