Monday, August 29, 2011

Bailey's Room and Randomness

Happy Monday!

My Mr. has been hard at work designing the structure for Bailey's bed and bookshelves. Luckily he is able to use a design program at his office called Solid Works that allows him to make detailed 3-D models of my designs. I love this software because I can sketch out anything, from furniture to built-in cabinets, and he can take them to work and make all the necessary plans for my dreams to come to life! 

Here is what we've got so far....

You will probably remember that our design is based on this room....

This room is actually similar in size to Miss Bailey's room, except for the taller ceilings!! I have to keep that in mind when shopping for a chandelier. In most bedrooms the chandelier goes above the bed so it can hang a little lower, but in Bailey's room we have to be able to walk underneath it so I am slightly limited.

This one from The Land of Nod has caught my eye...

I love it's vintage feel and i love how it will go with the black and white polka-dots!!

Her room is very small! I mean, it's not even 10 X 10, but that isn't any reason for it not to be as fabulous as possible! I'm a small room fan. There are so many good things about small spaces.
Here are a few of my favorites:

1. They take 2 minutes to vacuum.
2. They will limit your clutter because you won't have any other choice. Whatever you don't need or use constantly, has to go, unless you want to swim amongst your possessions.
3. They are the easiest to keep warm and cool.
4. They keep people close and intimate.
5. They are easier on the budget to decorate and totally revamp.

If you are living in a house that you don't feel is worthy of making beautiful because of it's size or because it isn't your "dream house". I would reconsider. ANY house can be your "dream house", it's just whether or not you will let it be.

Our bathroom is a VERY similar story. We had larger bathrooms in our first apartment!! Again, the same things apply. Especially my fifth point above. When you have 25 square feet of bathroom space, you can choose the most expensive tile there is and it still isn't going to be extremely expensive! ok. Maybe it will be, but you won't feel nearly as bad about it!

Since I'm randomly talking about my is my future bathroom...

 (minus the window, the extra sink, the tv, and about 5 feet of counter space!!) will be fabulous and I will feel like a queen!!

I'm off to priming Bailey's room! I hope you're all getting a great start to your week!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Bailey's Room

Happy Monday !! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!!

I've been working on the soft layers of Bailey's room and this is what I've got so far...

Soul Blossom Fabric by Amy Butler in Cilantro

Black polka dot fabric from Carousel Designs 

Annie Selke Fabric from Joann's

I still need these....

Especially this pink chevron print pillow!!

and one or two of these....

From Iviemade on Etsy. I love this shop!!

I just got these sheers...

from PBteen on sale!!

Bailey's window treatments will look very similar to these, but I will be taking some inexpensive white drapes and adding black ribbon trim to them instead of purchasing these. This idea will save me at least $200!!!
I am also designing a wooden valance similar to the ones I created for my previous client, Miss Emely...

Thank goodness we only have to do one for Bailey's room!!

AND I have these sheets from JCPenney...
Only $25 with an in-store coupon! My Mother advised me to get more than one mom...I'm still learning!

You'll notice that I have pulled fabrics from everywhere and that I combine different bedding items from different places. This is because I loathe bedding sets!! Even when I was 9 and re-decorating my bedroom each week (NO!! I surprisingly stopped doing that :) I would stay away from bedding sets. They're boring and stale and if you tire of the color scheme or pattern you have to re-buy EVERYTHING all over again! With mix and match bedding you may only tire of one or two pieces so it's less expensive to change your mind. Besides, it just looks more stylish and will truly reflect your individual style to pull things you love from all the places you love to shop. 

I'll keep you posted on the rest and her closet is almost done! The wonky stripes are almost a bad memory!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sneak Peak

"OH for the love of stripes!!!"
- It's what I'm gonna say the next time I'm frustrated with someone!

Here's a sneak peak of what I'm talking about...

Do you see some wonky lines?? I do!!

Every time I paint stripes, I remember that I hate painting stripes.  And then I wonder "WHOSE great idea was it to paint stripes anyway???" Oh yeah. It was mine :( 

It really doesn't help that the walls have sanded paint on them.

In MY world: Sand + Paint = Stoooopid

I must ask, who in the world thought it was a great idea to start putting sand in paint???? That makes about as much sense as dumping your grass clippings into your paint!! What's the point?? Besides having scratchy, bumpy walls?? Back in 1978 were there wall walkers that felt the need for traction? I don't understand.
Can you tell I'm frustrated with my sanded paint?!? :)


There are many life lessons to be learned from the painting of stripes...

The most important one, that I ALWAYS forget, is to not focus on where you've already been, or where you currently are, but focus on where you are going. The only way to free hand a nice, straight, clean line, is to look ahead and keep going. If you forget that rule for just ONE second, your hand will stray and your line will look like you've painted it after having a couple drinks and losing an eye, just as our plans in life tend to get all crazy if we don't keep our eyes on the prize. 

So, my lovely readers, I will keep looking forward, fix my wonky lines, forget the pain of this process, and then bask in the glory of Bailey's awesome closet!! Stay tuned for the final reveal!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Bailey's Room

I think I've got the plan together for Bailey's room! 

The plan is to NOT have much of a plan!! Well, much of a color plan that is. If I know me, and I know my daughter, then I know our favorite colors are gonna change every week and if she's at all like me, and she IS, then she's gonna want to re-decorate her room every week! So the plan, is to not have a plan, and just go nuts with ALL her favorite colors!!!

Most of this OB palette inspiration came from a room I saw on The Simply Inspired Home. I loved the colors and all white blank palette. I might not stick with entirely white, we'll see...I like to throw in a subtle blue ceiling when I can!

These are fairly mature colors...

colors that she will certainly grow into as this palette works for girls of all ages.

and when Bailey feels too mature for flowers and butterflies....we'll just replace the few items with the motif!

Our palette will be mostly white and there will be pops of color in the furniture and accessories. 

We'll be incorporating some Madeline prints...

Because we LOVE Madeline!!!

And some chevron and ikat dots because we LOVE them too...

pillow via Milk and Cookies on Etsy

I can officially get started and the Mr. is working on the built-ins that will kinda be like these....

Which we need,  no matter how narrow they will be, because we have 900 million books to house!! The goal is to have her room complete by her birthday in October....we'll see about that!!

Have a fabulous weekend!! I'll be painting!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fall Fashion

I've been dreaming...

Anthro Chiseled Wedge $168.00

Anthro Niko Wedge $328

Anthro Niina Mary-Janes $298.00

J.Crew Bryant Boots $248.00 (oh hubby!! My birthday is coming!!!)

I have a pair of these flats in pink and they are the most comfortable flats I have EVER owned. I would take these in ALL colors!
J.Crew Rainy Day Ballet flats $50 (way cheaper at the outlet!!)


The Maisie dress looks really comfy and I LOVE that purple! $168.00

The Souvenir Dress...because it will be a souvenir that I will keep and wear forever! $148.00

I'm supposed to be at the gym. Now that I have my daydreaming out of the way I can get going!

What are you dreaming about for Fall??

Monday, August 8, 2011

Update: Kitchen Overhaul

The kitchen overhaul at my in-laws is almost complete!! 
There are still a couple layers missing, but I couldn't resist sharing the progress...

From vinyl to wood floors!!

It's so clean and elegant. It completely captures my Mother-in-laws style. Please excuse the "real world counter display"... these photos were taken during a bridal shower.

***Notice we still need the window trim installed and some window treatments***

These wooden canisters were made by George Dame, my husband's Grandfather, who spent hours each day in his wood shop creating all sorts of wooden master pieces. We all have several pieces made by George throughout our homes, whether they are wooden step stools, wooden baby toys, sculptural bowls, and canisters like you see above, they're all special and they remind us of him and his favorite hobby. 
George passed away before my daughter was born, but he made sure to make several toys for his future great grandchildren. He gave them to his son, my husband's father, to keep and to be given as gifts to his great grandchildren once they were born. How thoughtful is that?? 

This is what the kitchen used to look like...

The pantry went from being a closet with bi-fold doors to a built-in cabinet.... now there is much more storage surrounding the refrigerator...


SO much better isn't it??? I have to admit this project was mostly an internet project for me. I simply guided my MIL through all of the decision making and helped her pick out the finishes. The final layers will be more hands-on. I can't wait!

We still have to add the finishing touches and I have a feeling I will be working on the back splash someday soon! I'm not gonna lie kids, I love to tile!! 

More to come soon!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Just Shopping

Some days I just want to shop...

I'll take ALL of these from Luxury Monograms....and

These hand wall hooks from Plasticland....

These fabulous little paintings that were featured on Ada and Darcy...

and this mug from Corduroy....

This necklace and skirt from a place I can't remember....

AND I need this clutch!!!

I just bought all this stuff!....and by bought I mean "pretend bought"...

**Sigh **