Friday, July 15, 2011

What I Found...

Happy Friday everyone! 

I thought I would share with you more of the treasures that came home with me from Minnesota. 
One of my stops was City Salvage located in North East Minneapolis. 

Just imagine how fun it would be to go around collecting the coolest and most beautiful pieces out of old buildings and houses in the Minneapolis/St.Paul areas.....I would just die! 
Well, that's what these people do...

...they get to go digging... as their job!

You'll have to excuse my dark photos. This place is lit with antique lighting and is therefore rather dark. I took the photos that I could to give you a taste of what this place is like.

Notice the banister, the columns, and that beautiful gothic style door? AND the leaded glass windows that line the ceiling? I would so do that!

Oh, and there is a cat.

She kept the hubby busy. Did you notice that Art Deco light fixture in the background?? Swoon!

These could be used in a very pretty way.....

 I wanted this light fixture!

Hubby said, "what are you gonna do with ANOTHER light?!" 
I said, "I'm gonna hang it in my work room and turn it on when I get a bright idea! duh!" 
Silly husband. Like I'm frivolous.
I mean, it's not like I have an obviously abundant and seemingly useless collection of old doors, frames, and light fixtures!!

Anyway, here are the two small things that I brought home..

An apothecary jar! It holds my Epsom salt.
That's right...I'm 90 and I put Epsom salt in the water for a rare soak in my sucky tub.
I guess if I can't have my dream tub, at least I can have the view of a swell looking shelf!!

I love that old bar of Ivory Soap too!

I also brought home a piece of molding from the old Danish Hall, known as Dana Hall to the locals. I hear it once burned down...I can't find any history on this, but apparently this was a piece of molding from the ballroom??? If any of you happen to know more about this please let me know!

I just loved it :)

I have it temporarily hung with the window collection in the dining room...

That's all I brought home from the treasure trove that is City Salvage. I spent a whopping $35!!!

Next up, is our visit to Bauer Brothers Salvage and a cute little store that is appropriately named, "I Like You"

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!!


  1. Thanks for the tour. Love the vintage light.

  2. What a wonderful place to search for treasures, love the moulding you brought home and the art deco light fixtures! Nicolex

  3. That is a wonderful to shop. So many tempting items.


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