Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Inspiration for Deta

Beautiful rooms with browns, blues, and lilac hues. 

Just for you Deta!!

Notice the white shelves and birdies below....

Don't be afraid to go dramatic and contrast with white. 

Blue and a little bit of pink!

Tall lamps and headboard to balance out the drapes.

Dark frames on floral patterns

This combo is pretty too...

Soft and luxurious.

Things I would buy for Deta's room:

1. Some purple or pink damask fabric
2. some purple or pink pillows and a throw blanket
3. Some vintage lamps with an interesting white shade
4. Some elegant white shelves for the birdies
5. An elegant white chair or bench
6. Vintage frames and vintage botanical prints
7. An upholstered headboard and two non-matching night stands

There you have it Deta! 
Now keep your eyes peeled for these things on the cheap and you'll have your dream bedroom in no time! You deserve it! 


  1. those are so relaxing, i love the color palette!

  2. They really are soothing and relaxing rooms. It's amazing the impact a colour can have on a room isn't it?


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