Sunday, July 10, 2011

Digging in Deta's Basement

My Aunt Deta is the official keeper of the Bruhn and Kamm family heirlooms and antiques. When I want to go diggin for family heirlooms or I have questions about the history of my Mother's side of the family, I know exactly where to go.

I could dig in Deta's basement and listen to stories for hours! 

This trip I learned that my Grandma Lovie used to invite her friends over for fancy little dinners and my Mom and Deta would have to play "waitress" and get dressed up in their fancy aprons. They hated it!!

I found the evidence of their fancy waitress days...

and they're the perfect size for seems that I have a fancy little waitress of my own.

I also found these hand crocheted and embroidered pillow cases and hand towels....

These were most likely made by my Great Grandmother Mamie or her friend Regine.

The second I saw the white ones with the crocheted detail, I thought of incorporating them into a space like this...

by Simply Inspired Home

I think that even if a space has a few antiques or "shabby chic" items that it doesn't mean that the space can't have some serious color and a fresh/modern feel.

What I really needed to find was more fancy hankies for the skirt on this slipper chair....remember...

I knew there had to be some down in Deta's basement!

This one with the birds and nests is my favorite.

It was a great trip and Miss Bailey has turned into such a good traveler.

As you can see she does a great job keeping herself entertained.
She's gonna hate me for this someday!

I have a few more things to share about our trip later this week. I hope you're all enjoying your summer!


  1. You had me at "Deta" and "Lovie" (oh, how I miss those old names!)

    What treasures! And it's so wonderful to unearth little known histories of our loved ones like that. Looks like you found some great things in Deta's Basement (good name for a store, too) ;)


  2. Ummmmm - Andrea is a genius - Deta's Basement is a WONDERFUL name for a store!!!

    I love your finds! Deta is a gold mine of info and beautiful treasures!!!

    Also - if I could include photo's in my comments, I'd post the photo I have of Bailey "entertaining herself" on your bed!!!

    PS - I might try to call you Wednesday - if you won't be home, just shoot me an email and let me know!

  3. I love those pillowcases! So beautiful, it's almost a forgotten art isn't it. Hope your week is off to a great start, Nicolex

  4. I love finding old treasures! and so gorgeous. happy monday!

  5. this whole thing is just...precious.

  6. Family heirlooms are treasures! Also, you'll be happy know that my two-year-olds also wear their sunglasses upside down and do a lot of "searching."

  7. You are so lucky...not just to have the heirlooms, but the stories to go with them. Love your inspiration to incorporate them into the present day!

  8. ohmygoodness, everything is so beautiful. i totally agree with Andrea too. Deta's Basement is a great name for a store!

  9. What a treat! I love old linens, but all of mine are from strangers instead of family. Your aunt sounds like a neat lady and isn't it nice to have someone in your family who holds the secrets? The little handkerchiefs would be lovely framed.


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