Friday, June 10, 2011

A Little Bit...

A little bit of progress that is.

The pottery tools section has been getting some attention. 

You know how ridiculous I am about the small details??? Well, that comes in handy when you're trying to maximize your retail real estate. Notice how the peg board with the supplies could be bigger and display a bit more merchandise? 
When you're squeezing a lot of merchandise into a small space and you REALLY want more space for displaying and selling other things as well, then you have to be extremely conscious of each square inch. Leave that to me, cuz I'm crazy like that.

The area is still not completely finished because I REALLY want a floating white shelf above the peg board that will look like these....

and possibly relevant would that be???

AND that would make me about as happy as that girl holding up that shoe!! 
P.S. this is a photo of a Natuzzi ad. 

Here is the new pegboard with newly painted black walls...

There is just enough space above the pegboard and between the two white columns for an awesome floating shelf! The "pottery tools" sign will also be changing to something more graphic...not sure what yet.

Also, you will probably note that I need to work on the area below the white table where the roll of canvas and all the palettes are. Makes me cringe a little to show it this way, but that's what it is. Point won't be for long!!

There is still room to grow!! Now I gotta figure out how to make a super sturdy floating shelf that won't fall on a customers head someday! Yikes! 

Ohhhhh dearest dear...I need help :)

Wish me luck!!


  1. The black and white looks great. Makes me want to shop.

  2. Love the idea to use floating shelves with pottery.

  3. It looks great, friend! I'm sure you can rig something up shelf-wise - between Nick and your dad, you've got a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. I can't wait to see it finished!!!

  4. Love the changes you've made, the store is looking great! Nicolex

  5. Good luck! I know you'll find a good way to hang it -- or the hubby will.

    The black is lookin' good!


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