Monday, June 6, 2011

Fresh & Airy

A couple months ago, my Mother decided that we needed to trade drapes. 

I was like "Are you CRAZY?!?"

You see, she hand made her gorgeous drapes out of beautiful white linen fabric and.mine are just "pretty good" quality chenille drapes from JCPenney. Hers are worth 100 times more than mine! 

 I remember when my Mom was slaving over those drapes about 12 years ago!!! Yep. 12 years ago!! Maybe even 13!! Since she didn't have all 7 panels for my living and dinging room she started slaving over the extra panels I needed. Thanks Mom!! 

The old drapes still look brand spanking new. That's the lovely thing about classic white. It never goes out of style.  You can also spice up white panels with ribbon or a fabric border if you ever want to change things up a bit.

Here is the dining room with the beige drapes....

They aren't fresh enough for my palate, but I was just gonna deal with them and get new ones later, seeing as how I have bigger fish to fry at the moment.

Thanks to my Mom and her great taste and exceptional sewing skillz, I don't have to fry my bigger fish is the dining room with my Mother's lovely drapes...

A fresh and airy difference, wouldn't you say? 

I love them!! The best part is that I know my Mom put lots of love in them for me! 

Now, I just hope they can withstand a two year old and a dog!

Hope you're all getting a great start to the week and can't wait to see what you've all been up to!


  1. They look beautiful Kelle and your dining are is gorgeous!! I am still so in love with those windows! :)

  2. When your mom wants to give you something don't argue just take it!

    Moms are cool.

  3. they definitely look amazing!! i'm going for some white drapes in my new apt for sure!

  4. Yes! The new drapes really brighten the room. Isn't is funny how such a subtle change makes a big difference?

  5. I love that your mom wanted to switch drapes! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to decorating, does it? Makes me smile, as does your light and airy and beautiful, beautiful dining room!

  6. Now I want to swap out my beige drapes for white drapes! They look so fresh with the beautiful chairs in your space. What a perfect time to freshen up, spring.

  7. I guess we know where you get your good taste from! Great mom you have.

  8. You're right, they really lighten up the room. Aren't mums the loveliest :) Nicolex

  9. How I would love drapes in my bedroom...but I DO have bigger fish to fry. Yours look LOVELY.


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