Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Few Small Changes

My ArtWorks project is slowly coming along. 

It's slow going because yours truly is doing the painting etc.

I paint. 
I sand. 
I clean. 

I do what I gotta do for my clients that provide me with a unique and meaningful project that will greatly expand my scope of work and portfolio. Payment does not always come in the form of dollars, but in retail merchandising experience, knowledge and wisdom about the making and owning of a business, and in new friends and new connections within the business community that I wish to be a part of someday.

I love it. 

So, here is another small change...

This little wall underneath the store's front window area went from an eggplant purple, with about 6 white air vents, and white trim, to entirely black.

This same little wall you see below, on the far left, which flows into the window and the wall with the black french doors (my first small change)....

Now do you see all the white air vents?? Not cool and distracting.

Here's the little wall in all it's black, non-distracting, sophistication!!

Air vents are just not worthy of any attention and neither is white trim when it's not architecturally significant or interesting. In these situations it's just best to make the distracting things go away. 

What better way than to black it all out?? Doing so, allows the eye to focus on the art and the cool furniture that is being showcased in the window.  I could have gone all white, but then the visual flow from the little wall up to the window frame and the doors would have been choppy and slightly more distracting.

You can see how it needs to flow a little better in this image...

Don't mind my mess :) 

Do you see how the little wall is the base of the platform and how it needs to look like it is part of the window frame?

When this window area is complete I will share the info on the furniture designer and some of the artists being showcased in the window. 

The Current areas on my chopping block...

A little nook where different artist papers are stored and the clearance section is located.


The Pottery Tools section. 

Again, don't mind my mess!

My "design process" gets a little messy at times, but then all the fabulous starts to happen!! 

Watch out! I'm judo choppin this place Kelle Dame style!

I hope to have this area near completion by the end of the week!

Hope you're all having a great weekend!


  1. can't wait to see what you do to the space. lol!! my fav part of this post...I'm judo choppin this place Kelle Dame style!

  2. I'm loving the black. That was a great idea. It is a slow process isn't it? I have many things started and very few finished.

  3. Woo you go girl, judo choppin up a storm!! :) I love the changes so far and your place is looking beautiful! I can't wait to see as things come together!

  4. you are painting the town black! i love it!

  5. Good for you for painting those air vents. I love that you chose black, of course!

    I need to talk to you, Miss Kelle Dame, because I'm going to revamp a chocolate shop in San Francisco and have never done a retail space before.



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