Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Here's some Wednesday randomness...

I LOVED this living space in the last issue of House Beautiful....

By Markham Roberts Design. 

The herringbone walls, leather and canvas pendant, the old brick fireplace with the crisp white surround, the deep chartreuse on the George Smith chaise, the in-laid tray atop the tailored ottoman, and did I even mention the tortoise shell mirror frame???? Gasp!!

I never tire of tortoise!! It always brings about fond memories of...

my first boyfriend. The REAL superman!! 

This space is also the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Each masculine detail is perfectly balanced with a silky, plush, and elegantly feminine detail. I would never tire of such a rich setting with pops of chartreuse! Couldn't you spend hours reading in this room?

In other news, my message center is coming along. My hubby even built me a mail sorter out of the plywood scraps!!! I based my design off of one from PB that costs over $45! 

So far, the running total for the message center is $66. That includes the large frame, the plywood backing, and the mail sorter. 

The supervisor helped me prime and paint the backing...

Now I'm deciding what the other sections will include and what the design for the backing will be. The options are endless!! 

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. Your husband is one talented dude! I am loving your message centre and can't wait to see it. Hurry, hurry:)

  2. i have come to learn that bama is also such a good supervisor! when i'm vacuuming he follows me the whole time watching, haha!

  3. OK so I laughed so loud about the tortoise comment that my supervisor woke up from a deep sleep. Your message center is going to be great and we are all going to want one. Just wait.


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