Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One BIG reno...

I have been helping my in-laws with the renovations of their entire first floor. This project includes the front entry, the kitchen, the powder room, and the family room. It's the largest budget and the largest project in my portfolio so far. 

It has been a tremendous help that my MIL is the queen of organization! Yes, she is even miles ahead of me!!

She has really orchestrated this whole thing and I've been "supervising" the design decisions. 

I thought you would all enjoy seeing some of the progress in the kitchen. This was the kitchen before everything went bye bye...

Notice the linoleum.

All gone!! Now it's time for the new to come in!!

They went with solid maple cabinets that have a white canvas glaze. Hmmm...they sure do look an awful lot like my new cabinets.

You can kind of see the new hardwood floors along the edges. 

I love complete overhauls! This is all I have for now...just wait till you see the rest!!

Next, some progress will be made in the powder room! 

Hope you're all having a great week!


  1. This is my favorite part of kitchen renos... when all those beautiful white boxes get put in. Makes it so much fresher! I love white kitchens!!

  2. This is fun! Can't wait to see more. Aren't they lucky to have?


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