Monday, May 23, 2011

The Good Stuff

A little while back, I made a decision to start giving myself "the good stuff". The "good stuff" is not just limited to items, but people and connections too. 

What brought this about: One night, while going through all my stuff in preparation for my yearly garage sale, I realized that most of my clothes and shoes were cheap,"quick fix" purchases, that didn't even keep me excited for more than 5 minutes. 

You know what I'm talking about right??

This is the perfect scenario that took me a good 10 years to figure out: 

I used to go to Old Navy (still do) all the time, because they have the great deals and discounts and perks for cardholders. Then, after getting anything and everything I wanted there, without taking into consideration the quality or lasting pleasure of my purchases, I would meander on over to J.Crew and Banana Republic, where I would most certainly find a beautifully classic piece that costs WAY more than my other impulse purchases. Their stuff usually costs more because it's NOT made of polyester, but a nice linen or super 100's wool!!! You know the difference...polyester feels a bit like "meh" and super 100's wool, feels like butta!!!

Anyway, I would then get irritated with myself for spending all my money on pieces that were "ok" and easy on my wallet, instead of holding out for the good stuff. 

Not Anymore!

This girl finally got some smarts! 

It also helps that an awesome new consignment shop just opened up in downtown Kenosha!!! 

It's called Coco's Attique and it's completely fabulous!!

That would be Coco sitting so pretty on that fabulous chair! She lovingly greets each customer that walks through the door.

The owners, Sherry and Pat, are sweet and genuine, and so fun to hang out with!!! Their motto, "every woman deserves great clothing" And they are SO right!!! Consignment shops make those wise, great quality purchases, even more possible! They also keep fellow consignors rotating their clothes and sharing the "good stuff" with everyone else. 

Here's a thought that my "green" husband would appreciate, "consignment shops save gas!!" 
In order to have access to all the designers and brand names that you'll find in one consignment shop, you would have to travel to many different places, thereby spending money on gas, instead of fabulous things!! 
It's remedial, really.

Here a couple of my purchases....

The perfect little black dress!!
It was sitting there, waiting just for me!!! It was under $30!!

Very Audrey isn't it? I could wear this little lady every day!! The official KD uniform if you will!

A unique skirt by Aquarius that cost $16!! 

The other thing about shopping at consignment shops is that it feels more like treasure hunting! I find myself more willing to take risks and more willing to buy things that I otherwise wouldn't because of the "find" factor.

The moral of the story: If you're in the Kenosha area...stop in and go hunting! Sherry and Pat are fun gals and Coco will love to say hi! 

If you're not in the area, then find a consignment shop near you and support a local. You may even be able to put some of your things on consignment and make a few bucks. 

Most importantly, hold out for the good stuff! Not just good clothes and shoes, but the good stuff in every area of your life! Good people, good food, good times. You deserve it. If you don't make it a priority, no one else will.

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