Sunday, April 17, 2011

Whistle While You Work....

Is your workspace a place that makes you whistle while you work??

It's important. Just like the saying goes, "we are what we eat", we are what we surround ourselves with.

So many people doubt the wonders of great design.

Too many people fail to see the value in creating an efficient and beautiful workspace.

It's completely understandable. It can be overwhelming. Where would you even start?

Sometimes people don't even know what they're missing out on. Especially if they haven't ever had the pleasure of working and living in a space that truly feels like "them", while functioning with the greatest of ease.

Here's a thought...

If time = money, then how is improving your workspace NOT a great investment? It just makes sense. If your workspace is highly efficient, you can be highly efficient.

Great design improves efficiency, thereby decreasing stress and tension. Is there anything more annoying and time wasting than when you can't find something???

I don't know about you, but I go berserk!

If anyone even tries asking me a question while I'm looking for something...WATCH OUT!!! My poor husband...the abuse he endures...anyway, your work space should work just as hard as you do.

Maybe even harder.

As for my space, I have to squeeze a lot into a very small space in our guest bedroom. I have hundreds of inspirational images to keep organized. Most of them are a result of my magazine addiction.....I can't help it....the images have come in handy on so many occasions, I just can't let them go, so I have a library...

Several white binders. One for each subject. I have customized each one!

Each one contains a notebook for related notes and ramblings.

My collection of quotes, meaningful articles, and lyrics.

My absolute most favorite article about real Simon Doonan. You can find the full article in the December 2006 issue of Oprah Magazine. It's completely hilarious and packed full of wisdom.

As you can see Oscar Wilde's last words grace the cover :) Not everyone can be so witty till the very end.
( and not to be morbid, but keeping a binder of meaningful words and images like this, is a great way for the people that will come after you, to "know" you)

Various images of jewerly and accessories that can inspire accent colors and the "jewelry" for a space. The information I need on my favorite sources for home accessories are all inside.

I keep a close eye on fashion...

Since fashion design directly relates to interior design, I stash away inspiring images that could later translate into the design detail of a throw pillow or a trendy color for another accent piece.

I won't share each binder, seeing as how I have 900.

Everyone has a different way of working and a different concept of "organization". You don't have to have 900 white binders, but whatever you do, it has to work.

If you are constantly losing stuff, it's not working!

Photo boxes and magazine files are great for storing lots of other little things. Like paint chips, small office supplies, client files, random business cards, vendor brochures, catalogs, the list goes on.

I love them because they come with built-in labels and nice label holders. These containers are easier on the eyes than each of these individual items would be stacked together. Even if the items are neatly stacked, they will still overwhelm the eye and look cluttered.

You can even still have some clutter...

But in a contained sort of way.

Most creative minds have an inspiration board or inspiration wall. Mine is scattered with my favorite quotes.....

Images of beautiful little vignettes....

meaningful items....


.... my favorite models:) Aren't they beautiful?!? Why aren't there more models out there like these? They beam with youthfulness because they are at peace with aging and brimming with confidence. ***I hereby promise my future self a cute vintage bike with a basket, so that I can ride around wearing a fabulous hat and glasses with my striped tube top and flouncy skirt!!***

This isn't just about being organized, it's about being inspired, so that the best "you" can come out and play each day.

My work room recently inspired this pillow...the official flag for a little place known as fabulous town.

It's difficult to quantify feelings. How can you place a certain value on experiencing a certain feeling? How can you place a value on working more efficiently? If you asked 20 different people, you would get 20 different answers.

Sometimes, when people ask what my fees for organizing their project would be, I can only answer with the question, "What's it worth to you?"

It's good to know up front, right? :)

I hope this will inspire you to create or improve your workspace so that it works hard and inspires you.



  1. I am inspired! I look at "Organization" in a whole new light! Thanks for such a wonderful post!

    Ps. 900...really?!?!

  2. I am in awe of your organizational skills. You must spend hours each week working on this system. Way to go! Love your board and your pillow.

  3. Your words say multitudes about your happy spirit and optimistic outlook on life. I very much enjoy reading what you've written in addition to seeing the images you post. (And paint!)


  4. I LOVE fabulous town and its flag!! Your organisational skills are amazing and I love that you have binders of all your favorite quotes, designs, style, etc! I tried that once but failed, hopefully I will revisit that idea. :) My creative room is not so creative right now. Actually I really don't even have one, it is a mixture of all the families stuff. I am currently going through everything and hopefully downsizing so I can have room to organize and feel inspired. :)

  5. This was such a fun post. It definitely makes a huge difference when your work environment is organized and includes things that make you happy. My home office is filled with furniture and accessories that were about to go to the donation pile but I decided to repurpose them instead. When I'm in that room those items inspire me to think beyond the obvious.

  6. You are inspired but you know you are totally organized. You can never see my garage. My desk looks OK as the files next to it are "roughly" filed.


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