Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This Blog's Gotta Brand New Look!!

Thanks to the talented and fabulous Shari, from Little Blue Deer, I have a brand spanking new blog!!!


Didn't she do a FABULOUS job?!?! I'm absolutely in love with it!!!

She also got me updated to the new version of editor....boy was I living in the Stone Age!! This version is so much easier to use!!

If you want a new look for your blog...Shari's your girl!! She is an absolute pleasure to work with and she's freaky fast Jimmy John's style! Most importantly, she's super sweet and won't disown you if you keep changing your mind! That wasn't me at all...

You can check out more of her work by clicking HERE. Her portfolio of blog design and web design is quite impressive!

I hope you all love it as much as I do.... and DON'T forget to grab my new button!!!

The last time I had a custom button, I was 15!! It was a picture of a clown and a microwave, and said
"Got more time for misbehavin since I started microwavin!!"  Don't ask.

The new version of blogger will definitely give me more time for misbehavin AND playing Barbie's with my daughter! I'm so tempted to go all out with a vintage Barbie theme for her new big girl room!!

Can you tell I'm still a HUGE Barbie fan? Especially vintage Barbies! Growing up is so unnecessary!

That's all for today folks! There are a couple other BIG things in the works for this a guest post over at Cottage & Vine, and my first ever seriously published article...more on that later! It's sort of a big week!

Can't wait to stop by all of your blogs and see what you fabulous bloggers have been up to!


  1. Love the new look. I'm super intrigued to find out where you've been published and can't wait to see what room it is. Very exciting week indeed!

  2. Love, Love, Love your new blog Kelle! I love the little bird at the end of your posts, so cute!

    Congratulations on being published! Sending you a big hug and a high five!!!

  3. Dear Kelle! I love, love, love the new look! It has the color pallete l love: pinkk & green! Beautiful


  4. kelle, it looks beautiful!! congratulations!

  5. Shari is amazing...she did my blog too! And she is the sweetest person to :)

  6. Hello Miss Kelle Dame. Lookin' good. Lookin' good.

  7. Love the blog - love your name. very classy!

    from -
    Kelle Cavanaugh
    Rapid City, SD

  8. Looks great Kelle. I'm looking forward to seeing your portfolio.

  9. I LOVE this room, perfect for a tween growing into a young lady. So tasteful. Congrats on your new look! Nicolex


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