Monday, April 11, 2011

Tape = Your Friend

Happy Wednesday!

I know there are templates and formulas like the one above for creating perfect wall arrangements.

I'm sure those templates come in handy.

I'm sure they help reduce stress and math headaches.

I'm also sure that I'm bound to use one some day.

This post is all about my simple way of creating wall arrangements with scrap paper and lots of tape. Mainly because sometimes those things that seem to make life easier are also traps. I'll get back to this point later.

SCRAPS OF PAPER and lots of TAPE....are all you really need to keep it SIMPLE. By simple, I mean, I can do it on my own when my nerdy husband isn't around to save me from my lack of nerdy math skillz. ***By nerdy, I mean, you're AWESOME sweetie!!! Thank you for being SO smart and handy!***

Anyway, instead of using one of those templates that may leave you stuck with purchasing only certain kinds of frames in pre-determined frame sizes, aka a trap that doesn't leave much room for fun and creativity, just get out some tape and some scrap paper and start creating a composition with pieces of paper that are similar in size to the images and frames you WANT to be using.

If you're like me and have a toddler in the house, then you probably have 900 pieces of paper with scribbles all over them. Use up some of those for your templates instead of recycling them during nap time.

The added bonus is that you can tell your little one that you are playing with their art because you love it SO much.

Just start slapping them up on the wall and you might end up with something fun and unique, like these beautiful examples:

awesome plate collage. Again, not sure where this one came from

via Absolutely Beautiful Things

Try not to over think it and something organic and free flowing might just happen.

A beautiful nersury for Miss Vivi Charles via her Mommies blog : LayBabyLay

via The Little House That Could

These look less rigid than an arrangement from a template. They look more natural and collected over time.

I'm practicing what I preach....

These are a couple areas by the couch in our family room that I'm working on right now. It's a combination of my art, family photos, my daughter's art, and wire sculpture.

See, tape is the best thing ever!!

Now that I think about it, tape has always been my tool of choice. Especially during the late 1980's, when without the wonders of tape, I couldn't have constructed a few fabulous homes of cardboard and wrapping paper for my Peaches N'Cream Barbie.

For those of you out there that know how particular I am, it will not come as a surprise to you that not just any ol tape would do. It had to be the completely clear tape. Preferably, Scotch brand. Or else! Barbie wouldn't be caught dead living in a cardboard house with tape lines showing on her wallpaper!!! That would just be tacky!

I'm not saying those pre-determined templates aren't a good thing. They are. I just prefer that "collected over time" look. ***And just because I'm saying I like something better, an opportunity will immediately present itself where I will be forced to use one, just so that I may have the pleasure of eating my words :) ***

C'est La Vie.

So, if I handle wall arrangements this way, and I'm a "professional", then you can too :) You may also end up really liking one of your kid's creations once you see it up on the wall. These accidental pieces of art are the best kind!

Hope this helps ease any wall arrangement stress you may have :)

P.S. another little hint: stand back and take a few pictures of the whole composition. Sometimes a picture helps you see what the wall actually looks like. Anything that seems out of place will surely jump out at you.

P.S.S. Just leave the arrangement taped up for awhile and see how it makes you feel before you start putting holes in the wall. Couldn't hurt right?


  1. I agree although I had an experience with the whole "planned out" gallery wall and it did not turn out well. Nowadays I wholeheartedly believe in hanging wherever the hell I like!!

  2. Great tips Kelle! You should have seen me hanging pictures on my gallery wall in the hallway! I'll probably never be able to switch out those pictures because of all the nail holes I created trying to get the pics just right!!!!

  3. you def have to share how it turns out, it's looking good so far!

  4. Love your method for this! I just did my gallery wall and I have to say that this would have been a great idea. Instead I eye-balled it, hammered, took out the nail, hammered again and so on. :) Don't worry, I covered up the holes with other pictures. LOL!! Love your art and your kids, the wall is looking beautiful. :)

  5. I'm really lazy about this. What I do is get a huge piece of craft paper cut to the size I wanted the finished arrangement to be and trace the frames on it after I like the arrangement. Then I mark where the nails should go, hang it on the wall and go to town with hammer and nails.

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