Friday, April 8, 2011

Out of the Box

This looks like an ordinary coffee table book that may have nature scenes and pictures of birds inside it.

But it's not and it doesn't.

There's a fortune teller inside!!

I loved this tricky little book and wanted to share it with all of you.

It's creator happens to be "my frame guy", Chet, of Artworks Kenosha. His handy work has appeared a few times on this blog. He is a local friend who always pulls through for me and my projects.

So, After you figure out how to open the box, you line up the dot and ask her a question.

You spin the wheel and your answer will appear in the box.

This was MY answer...

"Despair will follow you like a shadow"

I didn't like that answer.

So I spun again.

And again.

You know you would too! Don't judge.

Turns out there aren't any good answers!!!

Knowing the creator, I should have known better. Silly me.

There is more of this out of the box stuff going on in the gallery above the store. Usually galleries are pretty predictable. White walls. Wooden floors. Lots of lighting.

Not for this show.

It's an exhibit titled, "A Secret Art", Creativity in a Post Apocalyptic World.

For this show you need a flashlight and a map.

The art is hidden inside various boxes, tattered old suitcases, and books that appear to be ordinary, soulless objects.

Once you open them up, you find the unexpected. Beautiful works of Art.

I would share some images, but I couldn't take great pictures in the dark with a flashlight. It wouldn't be the same anyway :)

This exhibit has got people talking. It's created the largest turnout ever.

Some people leave the exhibit feeling shaken or angry.

Some people leave feeling grateful.

I left feeling grateful and proud of all the genius that went on behind the scenes to create such a thought provoking exhibit.

So proud that I had to share :)

I hope you all can take an adventure this weekend and go see something you haven't seen before. Something inspiring.



  1. That is so cool and the exhibit would be amazing to see!


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