Tuesday, April 26, 2011

His and Hers Decorating

A few weeks ago the completely fabulous Nicole Culverson, PR Manager, over at homefinder.com, asked me to write an article about Merging His and Hers Styles. I was thrilled and immediately started putting something together.

While reminiscing my previous experiences as designer/mediator, I realized that my most important role isn't always played as designer, but in playing the monkey in the middle.  I don't mind being the monkey in the middle because it's part of the journey. If we never trample through the rough spots, we'll never get to the pretty ones.

I used a somewhat personal example. You see, my husband had an afghan that his Grandmother made for him a very long time ago, it was orange and brown, and had holes in it. It even caught on fire once. Long story. Anyway, he wanted to use it on the couch in our first apartment. Out where everyone could see it!
I hated it! I thought it was ugly! It was not even close to being "Kelle Dame Approved". I did eventually find it in my heart to let it live on the couch knowing how special it was to the Mr.

I do not have pictures to share, and the afghan did eventually bite the dust ( it wasn't me!), but I do have a concept board showing just how I would incorporate the infamous afghan into a bedroom design:

It's not so bad when it's turned into a funky pillow! Can you spot it?

You can  read the full article over at homefinder.com by clicking HERE.

Hope you all enjoy it! I'm excited about contributing monthly and reaching the fabulous readers of homefinder.com!

and here's a HUGE THANK YOU to Nicole and to homefinder.com and to ALL of YOU, my FABULOUS readers!!


  1. I adore that board. You know, my experience has most often been that the husband gets dragged through the process but wants nothing more than to be left alone. Lucky for me my husband feels exactly the same way:)

  2. I like this board!! I totally get what you mean about old afghans, I have a few that I absolutely cannot throw away but am not sure I want over a couch, haha!!! That's a good idea :)

  3. I can't decide if I like the little globe or the print on the ottoman better!
    Nice design board. It's easy to see that you are a professional.

    Hilarious story about the hubs!

  4. Very clever way to compromise on the afghan. Not sure I really believe that you weren't involved in the demise of said afghan.

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