Friday, April 22, 2011

A Guest Post @ Cottage & Vine

Happy Friday everyone!!

Today I'm guest posting over at Cottage & Vine

I was thrilled that Rene asked me to do a guest post!!! It's my first guest post ever! I'm sharing my love for displaying kid's art as well as some of my ideas on how to do it can check it out HERE.

Here's a little sneak peak....

My daughter's watercolors. The first one is reminiscent of a sunset wouldn't you say?? I swear she even attempted making a little sun! Can you see a long necked bird in the second one?? I can.

You're sure to love Rene's blog! I hope you love the article too!! 
Next week I'll be sharing my first article to be published on the blog! I'm excited!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


  1. I do see the bird in the second picture! Congratulations on your first guest spot Kelle!!!

  2. Just saw your guest post and wanted to say "hi"-- I absolutely love the idea of using your child's artwork in the home! Such a special way to create a home! Take care, Caroline

  3. Saw your guest post! Great job....have a great weekend!

  4. Off to see your guest post. Can I commission your daughter before her prices for her artwork are out of my range??? :)
    Happy Easter,

  5. Kelle I love your new look!! It is so beautiful!
    Your daughters artwork is beautiful as well, I can see the sunset and the bird, she did a wonderful job. :) I am off to go take a look at Rene's, she is so sweet, like you my friend.
    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend and a very Happy Easter to you!


  6. Heading over to check it out. I love using kids artwork. It's so fresh and energetic. Have a great Easter!

  7. These are lovely! Well done! Have a beautiful week, Kellie xx

  8. Thank you for being my guest Kelle! I really enjoyed the post as did others! Loving your new black door and have had the same cravings :)

  9. Hi! I would like to link a picture of your idea for children's art displays on my blog. I am writing a post about what to do with all of your kid's masterpieces. I will be posting it for the parents at my school (K-6) to see. I would of course, link back to the guest post you wrote.


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